With Kaylyn Chupp and Sam Higginson

Parties are the most organic way to grow your network and are opportunities to form new relationships. It only takes one contact to potentially explode your business, so treat each person as if they are that spark.  

You never know what the outcome of your new relationships will be.”  

A Party Prescription 

If you run parties Wednesday through Sunday, setting up ahead of time is essential. Make your first step a pinned post on the Saturday or Sunday before. Post elements to build relationships and engage party participants can include: 

  • Engaging questions helping you to identify needs and potential solutions 
  • A link to join the VIP group 
  • An incentive to win a gift card by participating in the pinned post 

Have your hostess include a reminder in the invitations to interact with the pinned post for the chance to win the incentive. This ensures people get additional exposure to the pinned post. 

Before the party starts, begin friend-requesting participants and sending personal messages. Ask non-Zyia questions about things they’re interested in or things you might have in common.  

During the party, use the answers to those questions in the pinned post to tag people on specific posts relating to their concerns. Many don’t have the time to sift through it all, so this helps make their experience more personal and efficient.  

Don’t forget to go Live during the party. Letting people get to know you and how Zyia has impacted your life plants seeds that could grow into creating future Reps. 

When people order, post thank-yous with pictures of what they ordered. Don’t forget to message people who order to thank them and include the VIP group link. Ask a non-Zyia question to continue building relationships. 

If you connect, keep things going by asking questions and building off the answers. But if people aren’t responsive, don’t take it personally!   

At the end of the party, send out closing messages and create a three-way message with the hostess and anyone you haven’t connected with yet. They’re much more likely to see the three-way post. Include a thank-you for their attendance, and ask if they saw anything they liked or had questions about Zyia.  

Expand your network after the party ends. Non-purchasers might be open to hosting a party and earning free or half-priced clothes. Give them an ‘out,’ letting them know you understand hosting parties isn’t for everybody. No is a great chance to ask another non-Zyia question and keep building. If you ghost people, the relationship you’ve worked to build deteriorates. 

If someone purchases, keep conversations flowing with non-Zyia questions while they’re waiting for their Zyia items. Once they’ve received them, check in to ensure they love them. It’s another excellent opportunity to ask if they’re open to hosting a party.  

You never know when someone you meet in a party will become a loyal customer, a great hostess, or a fabulous team member. You’ll feel more fulfilled because you’re more focused on how you can serve others, both through and outside of Zyia. And your business will reflect this service by growing!