With Kacy Hoefler and Sam Higginson

Trends are constantly evolving and changing. Audiences want and expect more from us, and we want to get their attention. The number one trend of 2022 is video—TikTok and Instagram Reels are where it’s at right now.  

Captivating People’s Attention 

Short videos grab people’s attention right away. Many people no longer look at their feeds and prefer looking at Stories and videos. The shorter the video, the better, especially on TikTok—20-30 seconds is a great length, with something that hooks people within the first three seconds. If people watch your video to the end, repeat it, or share it, TikTok will boost it in the algorithms.  

Major Growth Potential 

There is significant growth potential on TikTok, helping you funnel followers into your Instagram and Facebook VIP group. And there are people on TikTok ready to join your team or host a party.  

Improve your chances for success with consistent and frequent posting. Post to TikTok one to three times a day, Facebook one to two times a day, and Instagram two to three times a week on the feed with daily Stories or Reels. Use trending audio on TikTok in your videos, and include trending hashtags. Add keywords in your captions and titles, and try new features.  

Personal Branding 

Videos make it easier to showcase who you are than pictures. Be genuine, authentic, relatable, and live your brand. Let your inner freak flag fly! 

Finding Your Niche Market 

Your niche is a community united by a common interest, goal, or value. These are people who can relate to you and your vibe. The more you share your videos with your niche, the more the algorithm will align with your niche. Create content that serves a purpose, solves a problem, creates value, and entertains. Be consistent and use relevant hashtags.  

The Power of Storytelling Through Video 

If your personal brand isn’t telling a story, you’ve lost half your audience. Many people express themselves more easily through a video than a post.  

You want people to think of Zyia when they think of you and coming back for more. When people click on your Story or watch your TikTok, what feelings do you want your audience to have?   

Another way to get ideas is to intentionally scroll videos for ideas you can adapt to Zyia. Look for other successful brands, and look for techniques you can duplicate.  

TikTok Tips and Takeaways 

  •  Invest in a tripod to keep your phone steady. Find a good place inside your home with great natural lighting, or invest in a ring light.  
  • Batch your content to save time. Creating a bunch of content and then scheduling it to go out throughout the week can be an efficient use of your time.  
  •  If you want to post your TikTok to an Instagram Reel, use third-party apps to remove the TikTok watermark and improve engagement. 
  •  Share your TikToks in your parties. 
  •  It’s okay to be bad at it at first! Even with experience, it takes time and practice.