With Leslie Jackett and Sam Higginson

Whether you’ve been with Zyia for a long time or are just getting started, your mindset and consistency can take your business from good to great. If you only have a small amount of time, it’s a good idea to spend it on what moves you forward. Income-producing activities, or IPAs, are ideal for even time-pressed Reps if you are consistent. Starting your business that way can help you develop your daily habits.

Attracting Customers

Find the social media tools that suit you and who you are connecting with. When working with finding customers, be willing and open to host parties. You can adapt hosting parties to your schedule even if you’re busy.

For example, try hosting a party every other week but include multiple hostesses. In between, follow up with your customers. A multi-host party can provide personalized experiences while maximizing your time as a Zyia Rep. Be strategic in tagging people, and invite hostesses to go Live with you.

The fastest way to expand your network is to have people host parties with you. Adding hostesses to the party expands your audience and helps you identify others who might be interested in Zyia.

When you’re doing a multi-hostess party, it’s important to coach your hostesses. You want hostesses to maximize engagement and see themselves as Reps.

Time-Saving Tips

  • Be honest about your timelines and availability so people see that your Zyia business is flexible and shows what they can expect from you.
  • Be efficient with your time and create scripts or text replacement shortcuts to communicate more efficiently.
  • Consider third-party apps that can help create templates for your parties. Many third-party apps can help you design or schedule posts to automate aspects of your social media parties.
  • While it’s vital to support the team with coaching, inspiration, support, and accountability; you also want to preserve time to lead by example in your own business.
  • Finally, don’t get so caught up in parties that you neglect to follow up. And ensure you’re taking time to connect with new people through cold or warm marketing.

Organization for Time Management

Using a backward design approach, set your goals first. Break them down into actionable steps, blocking out time to do the work.

Think about your specific goals, and break down how many parties you’ll need to reach that goal. Set your minimum, but factor in bigger goals if required. Determine how you’ll reach out to people, and don’t forget your team time. Finally, break it all down into weekly goals.

Time Blocking

Many templates online can help you, depending on your situation. Time blocking can help you figure out when you’re available and most productive. You’re planning consistent time to work on your business and maximizing your time because you know exactly what you’re doing during that block of time.

Get an accountability partner. Not every day is easy or goes to plan. An accountability partner helps you stay committed to your goals and the positive mindset you need to succeed.