With Bethany Glines, Jordan Brooks, and Sam Higginson

The best way to achieve success is to build the habits and the structure you need. Your work over the summer will result in real dividends in the fall and winter.  

Relationships of Trust 

Keep a running list of potential hostesses with whom you have stayed connected and built relationships of trust. Then, when Zyia offers an unbeatable opportunity, you can reach out and share it. Instagram is an excellent tool for building a network if you don’t have that network in real life. Use hashtags and be relatable when you talk about the Zyia opportunity. You might be surprised how many of your new Reps are not people you know “IRL.” 

Multi-Host Parties 

Try putting five to six hostesses and put them into the same Facebook group. If you’re running parties, you’ll do the multi-host party similarly. Don’t overlook the personalized pins; otherwise, you can run it like a single-host party. You don’t have to worry about making every post perfect, but take time to get into each person’s Messenger to build those relationships and provide them with the shopping link. Ask questions, and don’t worry if it doesn’t seem like they’re opening every message—they are seeing it.  

Making Instagram Work for You 

One way to bring in new followers and get them engaged is to offer free, valuable content. For example, you could offer a workout video or sequence while wearing your Zyia clothes. But don’t make your entire Instagram about working out—let people see who you are. If you have kids, are a busy volunteer, or have another passion, showcase those things as well.  

But don’t be disappointed if the process takes time. It may take months of you wearing and sharing before you build up the momentum you need on social media.  

Parties Can Be Part of Your Solution 

Getting paid is fun, and buying the newest Zyia item is also great. Parties can help you achieve both! But you can also use parties to convert. Coach your hostesses to see if they might be someone who wants to benefit from the Zyia opportunity. Balancing between significant enrollment and steady parties is crucial to building a long-term, successful business. Zyia’s recommendation based on observing the Reps who maintained success over the long term is the 3X4 model to encourage Reps to cultivate both aspects of their business. 

Tips for Success 

Stay organized—track who has ordered from you and what they purchased. This list is an invaluable tool when you’re doing your reach outs. 

Be inviting—Don’t respond with a single word. Keep the conversation flowing and care about how they respond. 

Book parties—you have to chase your dream because your dream won’t chase you. If you stick with the work, even when it’s not the most exciting thing, you’ll see results. 

Decide to be an active participant—Don’t just react and let things happen.  Make them happen with integrity while being true to your character. Keep trying, and push through failure.