With Kaelee Saner and Sam Higginson

Everyone needs an action plan to jumpstart or revitalize sales. Try these five tips to grow your customer base and build consistent sales organically. 

Tip #1: VIPs 

On the VIP page, play a game daily to encourage daily visits. Keeping it interactive boosts your algorithms and gets people actively engaging with you. At lunchtime, when people check their phones, post something inspirational. In the evening, highlight a product. Don’t forget to poll your VIP page to learn more about what people want and like. If they’re on your page, they’re your people, so you want to get to know them.  

Keep your VIPs interested. Don’t always post when you’re doing a gift card or giveaway—surprise them sometimes. And friend your VIPs and take time to get to know them better. Finally, Messenger is a fantastic tool for having genuine conversations and talking to people about their needs and interests. 

Tip #2: Parties! 

Talk to your party goers and learn from them. And never overlook the comments section. Getting into someone’s Messenger is challenging, but you can begin building positive relationships by responding to comments. Keep comments constructive, helpful, and intentional. WE know Zyia is more than workout gear, but they may not realize it yet. 

If you see someone with a pair of leggings or shorts in their cart, that’s an excellent opportunity to upsell. Explain how you love how those leggings look paired with your favorite tank. Show and tell customers how they can get the most out of their Zyia product. If they say no to the additional products, that’s okay. You gave them ideas for their next purchase. 

Tip #3: Go Live 

Remember, your customers are shopping online. They can’t feel it or touch it. Talk about the fit and how you wear the items. Maybe you like to go out or dress up an item that fits true to size, but go a size up for lounging and relaxing. Help them by taking the guesswork out of fit and styling with your Lives. Be honest—you might not love an item, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work amazingly for them.  

Tip #4: The Follow Up 

Try several systems before you find the one that works for you. Your system is a way for you to ensure you are checking in daily on the tasks that will grow your business. It’s your reminder to send messages, talk to party hosts, create VIP posts, and work friend requests and invites. Give five-star service, and keep following up to ensure customers get the products and services they need.  

Tip #5: Don’t Give Up 

We all wear many hats daily. Take time to follow up and send messages every day. If you hit a wall and you just aren’t getting parties, don’t stop. Keep sending the messages, keep your notes going, and the parties will come. In addition, don’t think you have to have parties every day and week of the month. You might benefit from taking one week a month to invest in your VIP group. 

Follow these tips to get your business in gear, and you’ll start seeing the numbers you need to level up. You got this!