With Erika Hackmann and Sam Higginson

Onboarding means someone has said ‘yes’ to the business opportunity of Zyia. The day you say ‘yes,’ you become a leader even if you don’t yet have a team. We all dream of the Reps who start scheduling parties, set up their VIP groups, and are ready to go out of the gate. But what about the other Reps who need help strengthening their natural gifts?  

The Circle of Concern 

The Center: The center is you. We’re all born with gifts and have total control of ourselves. We can work to strengthen our skills and reach out to help and collaborate with others. The goal is to work to strengthen our gifts every day so we can support others.  

Second Circle: The team is the second circle. The goal here is to work smarter and build curricula that everyone in the team can use to recruit Reps and train them. Collaborating helps your team work more efficiently and make the best use of your time. 

Third Circle: Leaders need opportunities to lead the training. It’s also vital to collaborate with other leaders to find out the great things they’re doing so you can use those techniques, too. 

Last Circles: The company and the community are the last two circles. When we see Zyia, we’re supporting and uplifting the brand and the people wearing it. And within our community, we’re doing what we can to lend strength to the people around us and inspire them to go further. 

Progressive Leadership 

We want prospects and new Reps to trust us, so communicating with them and sharing strengths back and forth can help us all to succeed. We get to build our teams from scratch and teach those valuable skills from the first moment when Reps join.  

We want to love people where they are, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also encourage and support them to grow. Remind new Reps that it’s okay to dive in even if they don’t know all the answers right away. The answers will come when you do the work.  

The New Rep ‘Window’ 

Many Reps think their window of opportunity has passed because they’re not “new” anymore. However, some Reps might be ready to return and relaunch their business, so it’s crucial never to count anyone out. They may just need the support to rededicate themselves. Life circumstances can change, and people may find themselves ready to get back into the mix.  

In addition, not everyone joins Zyia at ideal times. But we know new Reps who stick with it and have a great onboarding system are much more likely to work their business in the long-term successfully. Leaders may also encounter new Reps who don’t meet specific goals or struggle to implement certain achievements. The most effective leaders are willing to try a different path or technique to help new Reps reach their goals.  

Finally, ask yourself why you’re adding new Reps. Are you hoping to be a leader, or are you adding them just for the numbers?