With Mary Beth Easler and Sam Higginson

Onboarding a new Rep and team member is one of the most exciting and challenging things we do. And it’s important to think of them as team members because they truly are on the same team as you. You’re not their boss because each Zyia Rep is their own boss—but we’re all part of a solid and dynamic team, from the newest Rep to the most seasoned veteran.  

Your onboarding process begins before your team member even enrolls. Before they enroll, it’s good to take a few moments to talk and ensure you’ve answered all of their questions. Try to listen more than you talk. This conversation can set the tone from the beginning. If possible, speak in person or via FaceTime to make that personal connection.  

Don’t take things personally—remember that this process is personal for them. 

Try to have another conversation shortly after they enroll—within 24-48 hours. Before they get their starter kit, you’re having a chat to ask them about their goals and their ‘why.’ You can also introduce the benchmarks and find out what sort of income they’re looking to achieve. Ask them why those goals are meaningful for them. What are they willing to do to accomplish that? This conversation can also help them identify what can stand in the way of success for them. Additionally, you can check in on their learning style. They may love to watch every video and read every piece of literature or thrive by jumping straight in.  

Often new team members are all-in and full of excitement. But these initial conversations during onboarding can help them build a more sustainable business.

Avoid burnout: We want to be here a long time, and we want our new team members for a long time. Keeping it fun is vital.   

Now that you know their energy, it’s time to shout them out and celebrate them! Start them off by planning and setting the launch party date. If they have hosted a party already, they have some idea of how the launch party will go, but you can be crucial support for them as they begin. You can show them resources and techniques that can make it more successful. Also, the new team member might benefit from working with a co-host.  

Set realistic expectations: Close friends and family may not buy Zyia or be interested in booking parties. That’s ok! Remind your team members that it’s ok to set realistic expectations. Help them focus on having fun and sharing the opportunity because support and sales may come from unexpected sources. 

Onboarding is more than just the sign-up—following up is a critical part of the process. Checking in at 30 days, 60 days, and even 90 days later can create more sustainability in the business. Ask them what is working, what isn’t working, and what they will be doing differently. After the launch party, talk about their action plan and their ‘why,’ as it may change. The money earned at the launch party is excellent, but continuing income will keep them involved. Bring curiosity and compassion to your initial conversations to avoid frustration and difficulty down the road.