With Christin Evans and Sam Higginson

While it’s not always the most fun aspect of running a business, compliance ensures we follow the rules established by regulatory agencies in the US and the other markets in which Zyia operates. This overview will touch on mainly US compliance information and discuss accessing our Policies and Procedures.  

Where to Find Zyia’s Policies and Procedures 

The first place Zyia Reps encounter our Policies and Procedures is during enrollment. While it can seem like an overwhelming amount of information, setting time aside to read through it can help you get your business on the right track. Make notes of anything that sticks out, and talk to your sponsor for clarification. You can always find the information in your Back Office if you’re looking for a refresher. Additionally, the IT department is working to make it so you’ll need to agree again to the Policies and Procedures for any changes or updates.  

Common Compliance Concerns You May Encounter 

Zyia uses a third-party company called Field Watch to monitor potential issues, and you may have seen an email. Even if you haven’t, it’s good to know the common concerns to look for when you’re running your business. 

Income Claims: It is against policy to display a paycheck, disclose how much money we make, or claim that Zyia paid for specific things like a mortgage. Even social media hashtags like #unemployment or #sixfigureearner can appear as an income claim. We love when Reps use the Zyia opportunity to make a large purchase or payment, but we want to be careful not to state that everyone’s businesses will run the same way. 

The Pandemic: We’re all navigating the pandemic and its aftermath and learning as we go, but it’s important to avoid referencing the pandemic or COVID-19 directly in our business posts.  

Bonus Buying: Avoid overbuying products in mass quantities or rank or receive incentives. 

Enrolling Spouses or Children: Zyia discourages enrolling a spouse or children because managing them as a downline and separate business can be challenging. A similar issue is when someone has a personal Zyia account and an LLC. It’s better to choose the account that best fits your needs and not maintain both.  

Giveaways: Check your state, region, or country for details, as this may change. We love giveaways, but be careful about how you structure them. In some places, offering a giveaway in exchange for a buy-in could create a legal issue. Zyia allows giveaways as long as they are done on a public forum, but discounts must be on private forums. Neither can be associated with enrollment.  

Raffles: Zyia does not encourage doing raffles at all. They are illegal in many regions. 

Honesty in Enrollment: Ensure you don’t enroll anyone on their behalf or use your own credit card to enroll them. They must check the boxes and enter their sensitive information. 

Remember, compliance is a learning process as we all navigate our new business during Zyia’s explosive growth. Our Zyia Reps are our partners, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.