With Natalie Robison and Sam Higginson

Setting goals is a fantastic way to focus your efforts and energy to drive your business forward. 

When you’re preparing to work on your goals for the next year, it’s always helpful to reflect on the goals you set and the achievements you earned in the past year. Ask yourself if your goal for the next year is similar or is more challenging. It is important to set goals that help you stretch but are attainable. Developing actionable goals depends on how honestly you reflect on what your challenges were.  

Who is responsible for helping you to achieve your goals? The answer lies within you. 

Six Steps to Goal Setting 

  1. Dream Big and Take Action 
    Big dreams drive us to do things we wouldn’t do for smaller dreams. Your why is essential. Write down a big dream or vision for your life, and keep it in front of you.  
  2. All Success Starts with Desire 
    Describe some of the most successful people you know. They may be driven, self-reliant, creative, passionate, patient, optimistic, committed to learning, or always looking to improve. You can have those character traits, too. 
  3. Visualize Your Dream 
    People who achieve goals see it before it happens. Your vision board is a powerful tool to focus and train your mind. There is so much power in positivity, and no one can change your outlook but you.
  4. Time Management 
    Have laser focus with time management using time blocking and intentional behavior. Schedule your actions into your day—don’t say you’ll get to it. Make appointments with yourself and keep them. Consider the goal itself: is it your goal or someone else’s? Does your goal matter to you and serve your why? Don’t compare your timeline with someone else’s.  
  5. Act—And Keep Showing Up 
    You have to consistently and persistently act to achieve your goal. Instead of thinking about what you can’t do, think about what you can do to keep showing up even when life is busy. You are in control of your business—don’t be afraid to find what works for you in your situation. You are not in a box. 
  6. Have SMART Goals 
    Today, do what others won’t do, so tomorrow, you can do what others can’t do. SMART goals are: 
    • Specific—write it down
    • Measurable—find a way to measure your progress 
    • Attainable—requires a reasonable amount of effort 
    • Realistic—a goal you can accomplish within your set timeline 
    • Timely—set a timeframe for achieving the goal 

“A goal is a dream with a deadline. “

There are many reasons why people don’t achieve their goals, but often the biggest reason is time. This is not a microwave business—this is an oven business. Give your goals the time they need to succeed. Sometimes, people are unwilling to keep learning, don’t have a plan, or are afraid of failure or success.  

Make your plan by starting with minimum goals then expanding to your stretch goals. Move from wishful to intentional and replace “IF” with “WHEN.” Believe in your goals, affirm them daily, and share with people around you. Create a plan with bite-sized tasks, then track and evaluate it. Never give up—you can do this!