With Sam Higginson

There is so much happening on the field development side with training and connections in the field. The plan is to expand and be in 25 cities in the next three months. Zyia went into nine cities in the fourth quarter of 2021, and Zyia has big plans for 2022. There’s a lot of excitement and support coming to our Reps in the first quarter of 2022.  

Great New Things Are Coming 

Lindsay Mashburn has been promoted and will be jumping straight into field development, helping to organize and manage things as Zyia prepares to make more significant moves than ever before. She will be working with Executives and Double Zyia Executives to provide them with the best opportunities for participating in the tremendous growth we expect to see. 

The key performance indicators (KPIs) that Zyia typically tracks show that Zyia is looking at a year of unprecedented growth and success. There are a lot of customers and hostesses in the pipeline, which will translate into title advancement and bigger returns for Reps. The total number of new parties and new hostesses are leading indicators driving Zyia’s cycle of success. Hosting parties has provided a strong foundation for Zyia. Customers become hostesses, who become Reps, and this model has been proven to bring in revenue. Zyia leadership wants Reps to be prepared for the strongest and best possibilities yet.  

Have You Earned Your Spot Yet? 

Zyia is starting 2022 off with some exciting and innovative changes designed to drive the momentum and energy Reps will need to achieve bigger and better goals than ever. Reps can look forward to earning their place on the trip to the Dominican Republic, and Zyia leadership has faith that the resort will be filled with Reps who achieved their goals. Zyia doesn’t just ask Reps to have faith and set goals—the organization practices what it preaches. Zyia is approaching its fifth anniversary with an abundant mindset, hoping to give back to as many Reps as possible. Don’t miss upcoming calls with announcements and new rollouts designed to take your business to new heights. There will be major changes coming that will fire you up. 

Set Your Goals—Let’s Get to Work 

It is crucial to set your goals this week and have them in place. Don’t give up your time and energy—commit and make your plan. Clearing out the clutter lets you start fresh and gain a new perspective. Within your business, have you set your SMART goals? Are they specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely? Who can support you as you grow, and who is your accountability person? Having someone to speak your goals into existence with, is vital.  

Be willing to roll up your sleeves and go after this business. This is the most critical and exciting time, but this year is the time for committing to the work that will ultimately drive your success. Zyia management has never been this excited for what the future holds—this year, the potential to become a significant company is within our sights.