With Emily Eisenach and Sam Higginson

Everyone loves to run their business efficiently while maximizing the rewards and So many platforms now fall under the heading of social media. Much of business-building for Zyia is online—through parties, Zooms, and social media. Whether you prefer Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, TikTok, or other avenues, there’s always room for learning and improvement. 

“When it comes to social media, your job is to STOP THE SCROLL.

There’s so much to see on social media, but you want them to pay attention and see you. Look at your preferred platform with your business in mind. People are not just buying your business; they are buying you. Getting people to connect with your posts starts with intention.  

When someone knows and trusts you, they’re more likely to buy, do a party, or refer friends to you.  

Simple Tips for Upping Your Social Media Game 

  • Your profile picture. The profile picture needs to be your face! Let people see you—friends and family want to know you.  
  • Your bio. Make it about who you are and what you’re passionate about. You don’t have to mention Zyia or your rank or even put your party or sales link. Let people connect with you first. 
  • Your vibe. Are you drawing people in or pushing them away? People respond best when your vibe is upbeat, avoids controversy, and is consistent. You ARE your business. Spending a lot of time talking about problems can turn people away. Politics and religious posts can have the same negative effect.  
  • Your consistency. Gaining a following takes time. Show up every day—you will see the progress. 

So What Do You Post? 

  1. Value: Who are you, and what do you enjoy? Whatever your jam is, you offer value through that passion. Whether styling leggings, giving meal prep tips or even gardening, you share value with your followers, and you become valuable.  
  2. Inspire: Be authentic and genuine. It takes time, but showing vulnerability helps others connect with you on an emotional level. Revealing struggles makes you relatable to others. You’re a real person, and they want to know that you’re just like them.  
  3. Entertain: Life is hard. People come to social media to have some fun—don’t be afraid to lightheartedly make fun of yourself. Post relatable memes, TikToks, and reels that bring a smile or a giggle, and people will come back for more because you made them feel good—and they’ll share your content. 

When Do You Post? 


You don’t have to post constantly. Once a week, talk about your business on your personal page. Twice a week, try to talk about clothes, but don’t focus specifically on mentioning Zyia. 

You may already go Live in your VIP groups, but are you going Live on your personal page? Don’t be afraid to go Live on your personal page and let your personality shine. Instagram and Facebook Stories are also your opportunity to shout out Zyia as much as you want.  

“Social media is a fantastic tool, but at the end of the day, we have to focus on income-producing activities.”  

We are busy, and social media takes up time. Spend time wisely by focusing on what grows your business. Use social media strategically to widen and strengthen your networks to share with more.