With Lindsey O’Rourke and Sam Higginson

Booking parties moves your business forward. There are times during the year when we notice our sales go down, but it’s important to look into why that’s happening. Often we’ll find that some of the reasons have to do with how consistently we book and work our parties.  

Driving Engagement with Parties 

Set a goal to have a certain number of parties each week, but always have a backup because life will happen. Planning and preparation are crucial to having a successful party. Create the link and message people to prepare them for the party ahead of time, giving them time to gather more friends and family for their party. 

Be prepared to ask questions that engage people. Creating an engagement post every day helps drive comments and keeps people active in the party. However, remember that you book parties from your parties. You don’t want to post the same things in every party because people will get bored. 

Organize the tools the hostess will need to have a successful party. She may not have a lot of Zyia outfits yet, but you can find photos that she can use to create posts. Add incentives and ensure people turn on notifications to reach everyone in real-time.  

Things to Avoid at Parties 

It’s essential to strike a balance. Coming off as ‘too salesy’ can turn people off. Don’t force the sale on people; you’ll have better success by offering your why and providing the space for people to learn about the Zyia opportunity. 

The Heart of Your Business

Parties are the heart of your business both as a Rep and leader. Draw on your party experiences to support your team when running their parties. If you have a week with fewer parties, consider offering an incentive if people are willing to host a party. As you have more parties, you’ll learn how many parties you’ll need to bring on another Rep. You can set specific goals because you’ll know exactly how many parties you need. Encourage your team to do the same thing. 

Run reports each month to get an accurate picture of your team’s parties. You can use the previous month’s parties to set your next goal. Talk to Reps with a lot of success, and share their pointers with your Reps struggling to schedule parties. Monitoring your parties each month also helps you break down how many points each party earns.  

Remember that your shows are always opportunities for offering Zyia to potential new Reps. You don’t have to do a hard sell—often, you get further by simply showing them how well their party is going and what they could earn by becoming a Rep and helping others host parties like theirs. And even if they decide the Zyia opportunity isn’t for them right now, make sure you invite them to your VIP group.  

The cycle of success at Zyia is to find customers who become hostesses and then become Reps. Parties are the vehicle that drives this cycle!