With Sam Higginson

How do we best prepare for the things to come, both next month and the following year? Gaining new customers and bringing in new Reps are essential aspects of our business, but if we aren’t thinking about how we onboard, we are missing a crucial piece of the puzzle.  

Zyia has done a deep dive into the data to understand how to best support you and help you create the level of success you want.  

Stuck at Senior Rep  

Zyia Active studies the points where Reps seem to plateau and have found that Senior Rep is the ‘stickiest’ title. When Reps make it to Senior Rep or above, Zyia has found that they are most likely to see their businesses grow and remain successful over the long term. And in markets that are seeing explosive growth, Senior Reps are again the driving force. Look at your team, and determine how many on your team have achieved Level One. Your goal should be to shoot for 23% or greater on your team. By consistently working with your Reps and cultivating a more supportive onboarding process, you can grow your Level Ones. 

Onboarding Consistency Leads to Success 

If you focus on showing up and ensuring you do the activities every day, good things will come. You may not always feel your best, or you might say the wrong thing, but your team will notice that you’re showing up. Your consistency is so vital to your growth!  

Help your new Reps to develop their why. You want your Reps to recognize and understand their purpose. Maybe they joined to make money, or perhaps they love the community aspect. Many Reps join for a multitude of reasons. No matter what the why is, help them define it, and then support their journey. 

Understand that your upline sponsors may be learning just like you are. Don’t be afraid to keep reaching through your upline, and also recognize that going sideways or even through your downline can be productive. In Zyia, you are surrounded by amazing resources because Zyia believes in your why. 

Work the activities, make your lists, and practice your pitches for when you reach out to invite them to a party. Then set your launch party! You might not have the huge breakthrough you were hoping for right away, but by following through, you’ve taken the first steps to success. While it’s true that most launch parties fall short of their goals, the Reps that are willing to try again are showing they are working towards their purpose. 

If all of this sounds very familiar, that’s because it is. But be honest with yourself—are you being consistent with these steps?  

We’re here to build for the long-term, but it starts with the first 20 days of your business. 

Let’s start focusing on why our Reps join and building a support structure that creates opportunities for success in their first steps. Senior Reps who turn around and help others become Senior Reps will see continued growth in their businesses. There is room for everyone to succeed in the Zyia community.  

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