With Jo’nette Jordan and Sam Higginson

Do you know how to create effective social media? Social media can help you grow your business and team if done correctly.  

Three Valuable Tips: 

  1. It’s not about you. It is about them.  
  2. Everything you do indicates how you duplicate your business, either positively or negatively.  
  3. Our goal should be to provide value to others. 

What Your Accounts Should Look Like 

Creating special accounts for Zyia is not as effective as you might think! You’re telling others they’ll have to invest time and energy to do the same thing, putting them off taking advantage of the Zyia opportunity. Facebook pages don’t usually create the same traction personal accounts do.

“Something has to be differentiating you from the next Rep. That something is YOU.  “

Back Off the Hard Sell 

A better alternative might be to make your OOTD a feature in your stories. Make a regular posting on a specific day. People love habits!  

Did you know that on Instagram, the average attention span for Instagram users is 17 seconds?  

Try to keep stories under 15 seconds. Talk about the business opportunity without directly discussing it and make the opportunity feel attainable. Breaking it down into small successes can be the encouragement people need. Showing people the big things you’ve done may seem attractive but can feel out of reach for someone just starting. 

Use stories to showcase your personality. You’ll also learn more about them!  

Think About Photo Quality 

Can you polish your photos? Invest in a ring light to allow people to see you and the product better. Full-body photos generally don’t do as well as more focused photos for posts. Instead, include full-body pictures in your stories.  

Memes or photos with writing on them don’t do as well on Instagram. If you see an entertaining meme, include it in stories. Create consistency with fun memes or jokes regularly, and people will begin to gravitate to your stories.  

Using stories should accurately portray your life over 24 hours, using visuals to recap your day. Consider adding music and using polls. Polls don’t have to be Zyia-related because the goal is to draw people in.  

Engage people where they are.  

Think about asking others about their day and their opinions! You’re letting them know you care about their voices and their lives. As you understand your followers better, you’ll learn what content they’re looking for and will respond to. 

Use features in your posts. Integrate music, gifs, and polls to make stories and posts dynamic. Share Instagram stories to your Facebook stories, so you’re only creating the content once. All the great stuff like polls will share on Facebook. 

Hashtags Bring Greater Visibility 

Some hashtags are too big to be effective—people won’t find you. You want them to see you and click on your photos. The sweet spot is finding hashtags between 10,000 and 250,000 tags. Don’t go over one million because you’ll never be seen. Use the 30 tags per post Instagram gives. Move hashtags from the caption to a comment below to make content more shareable. Make sure your accounts are public. Using hashtags is no good if your account is private. 

“Finally, if you’re scared, share that. Your followers will respond to your truth.  “