With Jill Wiscombe and Sam Higginson

Jill was rep #21 and signed up probably the day after Zyia launched. She ranked up quickly for a while and then…plateaued. Finally, recently she ranked up. Never give up! Your race and your pace are your own.

Taking ownership of your success is taking ownership of yourself.

Dig deeper into your team, and you’ll find others who are striving like you. Own your own role, be coachable, and be open. If you’re someone who needs to be seen, be s

Knowing it’s not going to be perfect or easy. Be ok with the mistakes you’ll make and be open to change when mistakes do happen. Have you given your success enough time to happen? We live in a society where we give up and move on if we don’t get an immediate win. But do we tell others, “just give up?” If we encourage others, why can’t we encourage and support ourselves?

The first place to start is with your why. It has to be more than “I like the clothes.” You’ll get tons of nos in this business, and you will experience ups and downs. Ask who you’re doing this for, what you have to offer, what it’s all about. Your why keeps you going when sales are down, you’re tired, or the best person on your team quits.

Whatever your why is, you need to embrace it.

Robyn is an Elite Rep with a team of 1500 and 60 first levels. Form a level one group f

Mindset: Everything begins in your heart and your mind. No one else can control your mind—only you. What you put out into the world is the energy you’re going to attract. Build vision boards, read quotes, list goals, listen to podcasts, do trainings. Keep your why in front of you. 

Goals: Always set goals. But when you set your goals, always make a plan. Figure out your own system and personalize it. Stay organized to stay on track. Sometimes as a new Rep, the challenges Zyia puts out can feel overwhelming. Break it down into manageable pieces to achieve. When you start focusing on yourself and your work, you’ll see success. Besides the challenges Zyia gives you, make a challenge for yourself and stick to it. Then when you’ve accomplished it, reward yourself for your win! You may not have an upline. Be the one to challenge and reward yourself for your accomplishments. And share with family and friends what you’ve done, because they’re often your biggest cheerleaders. 

Motivation: Commit to doing the actions. You can write your to-do list, but if you’re not checking off that list, you’re not building momentum at all. Like Matthew McConaughey, have someone to look up to, something to look forward to, and someone to chase. You may never reach that one you’re chasing, but let it inspire the passion and fire to keep you continuously improving.  

Everyone runs their own race at their own pace. Be ok with that. The community is there to support you along the way and help you get to your finish line. Find an accountability partner to help you do what you need to do.  

It can be challenging to maintain your energy and passion over the long term, but If you keep bringing the energy, people WILL respond to it.