With Robyn Eddy and Sam Higginson

Are you engaged with your team?  

If your upline is doing challenges or training, it’s up to you to show up and engage. Maybe your upline doesn’t do much, and you think that means you can’t do much. Be receptive to what others are doing. It’s ok to duplicate, but keep what works and don’t spend too much time on what doesn’t.    

You’re in charge of you.  

Dig deeper into your team, and you’ll find others who are striving like you. Own your own role, be coachable, and be open. If you’re someone who needs to be seen, be seen! Send messages about your achievements and let your team know what you’re doing.  

Make your team connections. 

Robyn is an Elite Rep with a team of 1500 and 60 first levels. Form a level one group for discussing important information. Encourage them to pass on the information. Gather everyone onto a Facebook page to engage them effectively. Make posts personal and trust your gut. Prep now, even if you don’t have a team yet. Your team is out there—it’ll happen. 

Follow your gut. 

Share your successes! As your team grows, have team members share what’s working for them. You’ll get tons of great ideas for your team to try.  

Step out of your business for a minute. 

Look at your team and see where you are needed and don’t get stuck on whose level one is whose. Your team Facebook page is also an excellent place for pinning announcements and organizing all Zyia training calls and activities for the week ahead, keeping your team organized and on track.  
Adding your vibe is crucial, but if others have done the work and are having great success, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it? Then you can pass it on and watch your teams grow.  

What is the team Facebook page for?  

People love to be celebrated! If your team has grown and you’re celebrating your top 20, you have many team members who may not feel seen. It might be time for a new team to spin off from yours and form. Reach out to your upline and ask when it was right for them and if they have advice. In the end, you are your own CEO, and you know what works for you. 

How do you keep your team together?  

Sometimes chats are quiet, and it feels like an empty room. If only two people show up, love on them! You never know where that call will take them or how the team challenge will propel those who show up, even if it’s only 10%.  

Show up for those who show up for you.  

When you’re struggling is when it’s more crucial than ever to show up. If things are moving slowly, try activity challenges that help reorient people’s mindsets and get them to re-engage. 
Look to other teams and see the great things happening. Find what challenges and inspires you. You are your own CEO, but you’re not alone. It’s so rewarding to help a Rep reach success they didn’t think they were capable of. Your team needs you to push them outside of their comfort zones and believe in them!