With Sara Andersen and Sam Higginson

Within the CEO mindset is where your power lies. With 12,000 teammates, Sara decided to take control and lose the fear. She made a mindset shift so she could continue to grow in Zyia.   

Access your power.  

There is so much power in your mindset. Focusing on the activities is important, but the real driver is the mindset behind those activities. Many of us bring our self-limiting beliefs—the things we believe we cannot do—to our business. We’ve accepted them as facts in our lives, and they sidetrack us from our goals.  
How many Reps sign up and say, “Oh, I hope people will support me,” or “I hope I make director?”  

Are you waiting for this business to happen to you?  

We are the ones who make things happen. You are entirely up to you! Your business doesn’t fail because someone says no. Be prepared to turn in other directions. If your upline is inactive, turn to your downline or sideline. When you have a positive mindset, you find ways to get creative and problem solve.  
It’s easy to feel like others have more advantages than you. Maybe they do—but at some point, everyone has to decide to do the work. If you’re worrying about everyone else’s success, you’re giving your power away. As a CEO, you’re in charge of your numbers. Are you clocking in and out and crossing off a checklist, or are you working to grow? 
You’re a CEO, and you have a chance to change lives! This business will take work. Make short, mid, and long-term goals. Where do you want to be two or three years from now? Everything you do creates an outcome.  

An unknown target is always missed.  

Include feelings in your long-term goal. Break down the feelings and experiences that will come with reaching your goals. You’ll discover shorter-term goals and actions you need to get started now. Approach your business with a long-term vision. 
The energy it takes to create is different than the energy it takes to avoid. Commit to a deeper dream than numbers and ranks. It starts with you. Devise a mission statement that dives deeper than seeking that next paycheck.  

“If you don’t know why you’re here, you won’t stay. Connect with your purpose, and the ranks and numbers will come. “

As a CEO, you’ll discover your business goes through active, growth, and maintenance phases. It takes practice to determine where you should be. Are you working to grow or to maintain? The actions may look similar but are not the same. Focus on what builds business, and don’t overcomplicate things!  

Social media can be like passing billboards on the highway—easy to ignore. Conversations draw attention and wake people up. The point of having personal conversations is helping people notice and interact with those ‘billboards.’  
So often, we don’t grow our business because we don’t believe in ourselves. You have to believe you’re in charge of your outcomes but also realize the decisions of others are not up to you. The more boldly you show up to your business, the more confident you’ll be on social media and in your interactions.  
You have what you need inside of you to make this work!