With Katie Harlan and Sam Higginson

Katie is a Presidential rank and believes strongly that consistency is the difference-maker between having an ok business and having an incredible and life-changing business.   

After reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, Katie realized that success wouldn’t depend on one great thing, sale, or Rep. Success would come when she committed to showing up and being consistent. Zyia sets Reps up for success and encourages reachable goals, such as the 3×4. Just one party a week can get you there.   

Finding Your Ingredients for Your Success Recipe  

Wear the Clothes: Seeing a real body in the clothes is super helpful for people who want to shop the brand. You can ‘rep’ Zyia and show off the clothes in your daily life. Consistently post your OOTD on social media, and you’ll see results. Your future Reps may not join the first time you post, or even in the first month. It may take a year! But people will respond to that consistency.    

Share the Clothes: Share by hosting parties, VIP links, or however you can get in front of many people regularly. Sharing online is a great tool.  

Talk to People: Strike up friendly conversations in your familiar spaces, like at the gym or in get-togethers.  

Personal Development: Tune into training and listen to things that build you up. In the beginning, you might be super excited and able to grab the low-hanging fruit, but taking time for personal development will sustain you in the long run.   

Stay Consistent with Your Team  

Schedule team calls consistently at the same time on the same day, even if nobody shows up.   

Be there anyway.  

Nobody gets results from one or two visits to the gym, even if they work hard. You have to go consistently to see changes. As you grow your business, realize that you’ll have to continue many of the same tasks you started your business with. Even at the Presidential rank, Katie still hosts parties because that’s what grew her business.   

Flex Your Accountability  

Think of something you can commit to doing every day, and document it in your social media stories. Tell your network why you’re doing it. It doesn’t have to be Zyia-related. Find something that stretches you and helps you build that discipline muscle and put it out there for trust-building and accountability. You’re showing that you’re a person who can be counted on.   

“Some people began watching to see how long you’d go before you quit or stop talking about it when you started your business. Show them that you’re a person who follows through.”

Your Personal Development Is Key  

Building a few moments to care for yourself is vital. Make yourself a priority! Sometimes we’re chipping away at something and working every day and feeling like nothing’s going to change when the breakthrough is right there, just beyond sight.   

Don’t quit!   

“Don’t let slow months discourage you. Keep showing up and keep going.” 

If you’ve struggled to hit your rhythm, start over today and get back to basics. Doing those basics consistently will get you there.   

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