With Deanna Gailbraith and Sam Higginson

Basecamp is fresh in our minds still, and how important it is to commit to doing the work! Building your business means building confidence and learning new skill sets, and maybe even
embracing some failure.

Deanna Galbraith has some fantastic pointers for upping your social selling game in 2021 and
beyond. Are you open to new ideas and techniques?

The Changing Face of Social Selling

We must take stock of where the world is in terms of social media more than ever before. How can we show off the benefits of Zyia effectively on social media in 2021?
Tons of people flocked to direct sales in the wake of the pandemic. This mass movement could create a lot of noise on social media. If we’re all selling the same thing, how will you get people to stop scrolling and connect with you?
People don’t buy products. They buy YOU. 

Noise and Messaging

Social selling is how Zyia reps do business, so an authentic approach matters. We know that Zyia products are unique, and our customers love them—that’s why eye-catching photos and parties are so successful.
The fundamentals of our business remain the same: inviting, hosting, and following up. But in a crowded social space, how are we setting ourselves apart? It might be time to approach our fundamentals in a new way.

Identifying Challenges

A changing audience means tailoring the messaging is crucial. Try to understand what’s happening in their worlds and to speak from a culturally sensitive space. View your posts through that lens and remember regulations, bans, and events vary from one state or province to another.

Here’s a challenge: look at your photos through your customers’ eyes. Avoid the ubiquitous stock photos—when your audience sees the real you, you’re building likeability and trust by practicing what you preach.

Cultivating Connections

People are craving connections more than ever before. Zyia gives us a unique platform to reach others with our outstanding product and culture. Videos are a great way to let people see and interact with you beyond text, strengthening that connection.
Involve others. Be flexible with the party model. Think about how you can improve customer connections and be open to new things. Try out multi-host parties, multi-rep parties, or even one-on-one coffee chats where the focus is on providing value.
Expand beyond customers you meet organically. Engage in interest groups you’re passionate about by making authentic connections with people. When they see Zyia in action naturally, they’ll ask questions and want to learn more.

Deanna’s Four Takeaways

It’s not about you. Selling is serving. Put the focus on the audience.
Add value. Don’t post just for the sake of posting but think critically about whether the post adds value.
Emotionally detach from the outcome. Just because someone doesn’t message back doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong. This process takes time.
Stand out. Don’t get stuck on what others are doing. Find a way to stand out by finding your niche.
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