With Monica Reed and Sam Higginson

Today’s training focuses on your warm market: what it is, and how to grow it. Sam Higginson spoke with Monica, a Zyia Rep since 2018. Monica is now a Double Zyia Executive, and she shared with us her perspective and techniques on how to extend your warm market, even if you don’t think you have one. So first, let’s talk about what a warm market is.

What Is a Warm Market?

A better question might be, who is your warm market? Your warm market includes:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Coworkers
  • Neighbors

Monica reminded us to use our F.R.A.N.K. List. These are our friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, and kids’ connections. These are people we already have established relationships with. When we’re talking about a warm market, we’re talking about people we are building trust and rapport with. They know us and what we’re about.

How to Use Your Warm Market

The traditional route for many is through the party. You can work with a host to create a dynamic party. Sometimes Reps do not have success at first. Try again! Also, consider who you are targeting for your audience when you’re hosting or helping a host with their first party. Ask your friends to bring friends—the more, the merrier! This past year has been an opportunity for growth. Since in-person parties have not always been possible, many Reps are having fantastic success hosting Facebook parties.

Finally, whether you host an in-person or social media party, remember that hosting parties will create more success.

How to Turn a Cold Market Warm

Maybe you’re new in town, or don’t have an extensive warm market. How can you build one? Monica suggests we be a friend collector. Practice Networking On Purpose. What are your hobbies and interests? Intentionally explore networks at work, church, in your Facebook groups,or volunteering. That doesn’t mean you’re strolling up to people and immediately talking about Zyia Active and buying leggings. Establish that friendship relationship first.

What Happens When You Assume

Monica reminds us that we can be “paid problem solvers.” People need high-performing activewear, and you can provide it. Zyia Active is a prestige activewear brand. It’s so important to avoid prejudging people. Don’t assume people do not want the product and don’t assume people won’t get excited about Zyia! They may need some part of Zyia in their life. And that’s because Zyia is not simply a pair of leggings. It’s about community and flexibility. Youdon’t know what people truly need. Zyia is an exciting gift to share!Sam shared that when we ask our Reps what the best part of Zyia is, they more often than not say it’s the community and the product. When asked why they were looking at Zyia as an opportunity, they admit they often weren’t searching at all! But they became curious about Zyia Active because they saw how happy and excited another Rep was, and they wanted to find out more. We never know when someone is looking, and what they’re looking for.

Maximizing Your Warm Market Opportunities

It’s not only about asking and calling people. Wear the clothes, project confidence, and positivity. Show up and be present in your networks. People will notice and want to know more, coming into your warm market on their own.Don’t be afraid to meet people and share. Zyia Active is a killer community with amazing leaders. Finally, sometimes you can have great success by leading with opportunity. Try it!Next week’s call features Buck McMurray, and we’ll discuss how to best utilize incentives to recognize the Reps in your team. Join us every Monday at 1pm MST for a new training packed with crucial information. Start an excellent habit and make time to join us. Or, catch up on the past training by visiting our recap articles and videos at https://zyiaactive.com/training-articles/.