With Paula Chavez and Sam Higginson

Events change the game.

At Basecamp, you will be able to learn more about leadership, hear from higher ranks, and hear from the owners of the company. New members will get to meet the owners and experience the energy of Zyia for the first time. Attending the events is what makes it real for employees. This is the training that you have been asking for!

Basecamp will give you momentum.

There are two things that sabotage people’s momentum within this industry:
Belief. We are constantly telling ourselves that maybe we aren’t cut out for it or that we can’t do it. The event brings the belief back together again and you get to see people just like you—if they can do it, you can do it!
Vision. Sometimes it is difficult to visualize what we can’t see, but when we see the speakers and hear their stories, our vision comes back to life.
This convention will help you see and meet people that you can resonate with. That motivates and inspires us to light the fire that you have in your life to be successful. Basecamp enables us to experience and feel the momentum within the Zyia community.

Leading by example.

Amy says business hurdles appear all the time and you should embrace them. She adds if you get an objection to recruiting, booking, or buying, don’t get personally offended. People do come back around in their own time. You don’t know what somIf you have teams, it is important for you to show up as their leader. It is important for leaders to lead by example. If you don’t think that attending basecamps is important, your team won’t think that it is important. In the next few weeks, talk about how excited you are about the event and encourage your prospects to sign up.

Basecamp is a gift from Zyia.

This event is Zyia’s version of hugging us, cheering us on, and supporting us. Basecamp is how they show us just how much we mean to them. It means a lot to them when we show up and reciprocate that energy.

Join us each Monday at 1pm MST for our weekly series of trainings with industry expert, Sam Higginson.