Sam Higginson:

Recruiting is one of our highest priorities moving into 2021, and Lindsay Costello understands what needs to be done to become successful.  

Lindsay lives in southern Illinois. She watched a friend join Zyia a year and a half before she did and wishes she had joined sooner. She joined Zyia in December of 2018 and loves that it doesn’t feel like work.  

Lindsay Costello:

You need to recruit to have a successful business.

Why do we recruit:

  • Recruiting is a way to build residual income
  • Recruiting is a way to make an income beyond what your efforts alone can do.  
  • When you add someone to your team, it doubles your time and effort.  
  • Instead of working so hard to sell a certain number of leggings on your own, you can have more success working together as a team, joining your community and network.

Step by step guide to recruiting:

Sam Higginson tells me every week that 91% of our Reps were customers first. So it is essential to talk about parties.

When you have a party, this is the perfect time to find those new customers and Reps. Inevitably within each party, you will find that there is usually one gung ho about the idea and product.  

Usually, you will see them commenting on everything and asking a lot of questions. This is the person you want to get to know better.  

  • Build a relationship with this person, and have the conversation. 
  • Plant the seed.

Hunters and Farmers

In sales, you will find that there are two different types of mentalities. You will find that there are hunters and farmers. I believe that you need to be a little of both.  


  1. You need to be on your toes, ready to go in for the kill.  
  2. Be the first person to reach out to this person and plant a seed with them. 

The transition from hunter to farmer:

If they tell you no:

  1. First, find out what their objective is, and this is where you need to become a farmer and continue to plant the seed.  
  2. Continue having conversations with them.  
  • Not only about Zyia, but love on their family posts.  
  • Comment on whatever you can to keep your relationship going, as if they were an old friend in your life.

“No is never a no. It’s just a not right now!”

When I signed up, I didn’t even know Katie, and one day it just clicked in my head, and I decided to reach out to her. You never know when that moment will happen, and you will want to already be building a relationship with them, so they know who to reach out to when it is time.

I don’t feel like cold calling in recruiting works because it’s not authentic. Reaching out and saying, “Oh hi, I don’t know you, I think you are pretty, buy my product.” It just feels really forced and not very authentic. I like to build the relationship first.

Sam Higginson:

How do you expand outside your community?

It’s really about finding a common ground and developing that relationship.

  • Be willing to put in the time to be friends first.
  • We are a prestige activewear company first, take time to build a relationship even if it takes six months.  


Process of bringing on a new Rep:

  1. I get them on a call first thing.
  2. Have them get their feet wet and do a party.
  3. They will learn more hands on by getting questions that they aren’t sure how to answer.  
  • This is when they can reach out and ask how to respond. I.e., “They say that these leggings are too expensive, how do I respond to that?”  
  • It’s a trial by fire, but also letting them know that you are there, arm and arm with them. 
  • They need to know that you are in the trenches, helping them answer questions, so they don’t have to feel like they need to be an expert.  

This is a duplicatable process. They can then go to friends and let them know that they don’t need to be an expert, that they have a leader that will show them how, and have a ton of fun while doing it.


Don’t try to overcomplicate things. 

  • Numbers don’t lie! The higher the number of parties you have, the higher your PV will be that month.  
  • Parties are so successful because this is the way to join other networks of friends and communities. 
    • Parties make it so much easier to make connections.
  • Make sure they are connected to your team as well.  
    • They need to be part of your team community.  
    • Have them join your group chat so they can ask questions.  
    • This will help them feel like they are part of the family. 
    • They can find others that they have more in common with.  
    • Even I learn from new Reps sometimes.

Create a list of those who you would like to reach out to.

I try not to put them in the hot seat. I tell them what I do and ask if they would be interested in learning more. This way, I will know their interest, and I am letting them lead me where they would like to go.

  1. Do they want only to be a customer?
  2. Would they want to talk about the Rep opportunity?
  3. Do they want to be a hostess?

I leave all that open for them.

Make that list, reach out to those people, and then continue to follow up.

“The fortune is in the follow-up.”

Don’t assume they will say no.

Never prejudge. You may kick yourself later when they join with someone else and become a good builder and team member. Once you get that ball rolling, you will find more people. You are always finding more people to add to your list.

This month and last month was a bit different for everyone. If you reach out and they are too busy but say maybe next month, count that as a positive and look forward to reaching out next month.