With Sam Higginson

What kind of behaviors and activity do we need to take action on in 2021?

Zyia Active has grown four and a half times the size it was in January of last year. Our Funnels are filling back up, and we need to take advantage of the cycle of success. The cycle of success begins with awareness, then moves to interest, then to the point of decision.  

You’re going to see a lot of focus in the coming year around:

  • New and unique hosting.
  • Parties.
  • New Reps.

What drove our success in our businesses in 2020?

  1. The number of parties hosted and closed.
  2. The efficiency of the parties.  

Take a look back at the trends from 2020 in your business.

Here’s what to look for in January:

  1. Team group volume.
  2. Total team enrollment.
  3. The total number of parties closed.
  4. Party efficiency rating: This is the total team group volume divided by the total number of parties hosted.
  5. What are your Senior Rep Ratios? (Ask your upline how to calculate this data.)

Compare your month to month and see what you did differently.

What personal successes did you see:

How many parties did you host, benchmarks/ranks you reached, and what personal development did you achieve?

Let’s create your vision for the next year.

  1. What are your next twelve-month goals? Are they achievable?
  2. What is your next-step goal?
  • Do you have a specific check amount you would like to get?
  • Do you have a rank you would like to achieve?
  • Do you have a trip you would like to qualify for?

Create a marketing calendar so you know what incentives are coming up that you need to plan for. 

  • Communicate your plan to your team.  
  • Make a plan to help and support new Reps.  
  • Your plan may change, and that’s okay.  

Create a plan for your personal goals and your team goals separately.

The tried and true cycle of success:

  1. Find new customers.
  2. In those customers, find new Hosts.
  3. Train the Hosts and showcase to them the value of becoming a Rep.


Use some sort of document to hold yourself accountable. I like to use excel for this, but any document will work.

Your top leaders in Zyia are monitoring these things very closely. They are serious about the business and are doing what they need to do to reach their goals. If things go awry in their plan, they send up smoke signals and reach out to their upline and contact the home office. They don’t just sit back and let it happen to them. They take action and hold themselves accountable.

Know the talents of your team:

Call a monthly meeting with your top 10 or 15 most important team members: 

  • Let them know what part they play in the success of your team.
  • Find out how you fit into their personal success goals as well.

Find those players that have the drive and desire to put in the work. We need to help them achieve their goals. If they are struggling, find out what may be stopping them from achieving their goals. Help them figure out what they need to do to adjust their plan to succeed in their business.

Be willing to adjust your plan and goals.  

You’re not going to be able to hit every goal. Don’t be hard on yourself when you don’t. Readjust your goal. If you are a couple of days into working toward your goal, and you see that you won’t achieve it, adjust things a little bit to have those successes.

If you collect the data to compare month to month, you will see more successes. Use this data to see what you missed and why you weren’t as successful as the prior month. Adjust your plan if needed. Ask yourself important questions:

  • Why didn’t we get the party efficiency rating that we expected? 
  • Was it because we didn’t follow up the way that we should have?

Find an accountability partner:

Hold yourself responsible for your goals, your plan, and the execution of that plan.  

  1. Make time to talk over your plan with your partner.  
  2. Talk about what you achieved and what you could have done better.
  3. What success did you have, and what did you learn from it? 
  4. What failed in your plan, and what did you learn from it?  
  5. How can you adjust your plan?

Your partner can also be a support to lift you when you need it.

To be a top leader, it won’t be rainbows and unicorns all year long. You will go through struggle and strife to get to that level of success. These top-level leaders understand that the reward outweighs the struggle and strife.

Be consistent and don’t abandon ship. Find what’s working and duplicate it.  

I met a very successful doctor, and their mantra was this:

  1. See one (see how it is done)
  2. Do one (do one myself)
  3. Teach one (teach someone else how to do it)

What your team needs to know and do to create a successful plan:

  • Make sure that your team knows how to find the data and what the numbers mean.
  • Make sure that your team is setting goals, realistic SMART goals.
  • Help them to develop an accountability system.  

We are Erin Bradley’s partners in this business. We need to treat it that way. She had a great business plan, and she gave us an opportunity to be her partner in this business.

When to get started?

Make sure that your plan is in motion today. Don’t wait until after Christmas or next month. Begin today! Celebrate the successes you have seen this year. Understand what drives your business and make a plan, and most importantly, commit to it!