Natalie is a mom and wife first and foremost. She has the top title because she has set goals and crushed them.

What happened for Natalie in 2020:

2020 was a challenging year for so many. But during this last year, I believe that many in Zyia will be able to say that their lives got better because of Zyia. Whether it’s because you have more cash or whether you’ve found that it’s a brand that you loved and can get behind, our lives got better because we were part of the Zyia Community.  

This year was insane. In January, I had nine frontline directors. Now I have fifteen and two double. This has been tremendous growth for me this year. I do the work and still party.

What should you do if you feel like you’re wasting your time? Repurpose your time:

If you’re watching Netflix, are you wasting your time? You’ll probably say, “No. I’m not wasting my time; I’m redirecting my time.”  

  • Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media, I’m intentional with what I am doing.  
  • I had to get very specific with my time:  
    • I had to schedule a time to workout. 
    • I would schedule when I was going to do my follow-ups. 
    • I would schedule when I was going to do my “parties” and my “lives.” 

  • During the half-time and time-outs of my kid’s basketball games, I would be messaging. The times that I didn’t need to be “present,” I was building relationships.
  • To this day, I am spending 6 to 10 hours a day because this is my passion, and I love it. I thrive within this community and helping other women who want this to work in their lives.

How to become confident:

In the beginning, I felt like I was the least confident person. I was hesitant to take selfies. I didn’t know how to. They were always too dark. I thought that I had to look a certain way and do things a certain way.  

What I’ve learned with this business in building confidence:

  • You need to be willing to fail, and fail a lot. The name of my game is failing. I learned to be okay with my failures. Failing is not a bad thing.
  • Learn to be okay with making mistakes.  
  • Be coachable.  
  • Shift gears when something is not working. If you do something that your upline told you to do and it is not working, stop! Shift, pivot. You are not a tree; you can move, you can do things differently.  

Learn from those around you who are having successes.  

I looked around and asked myself three questions:

  1. What am I doing right? 
  2. What am I doing wrong?  
  3. What can I be doing better? 

Look at those around you, and ask questions:

  • Are they going live?  
  • Are they utilizing social media?  
  • What are they doing to meet the people that they’re meeting?  

Keep in mind: I might try something, and it works. I may have my Reps try the same thing, and it bombs. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work, though. You need to be willing to keep trying and failing, trying and failing, over and over again.  

Building confidence

First, you need to build your confidence in Zyia: 

Become confident in the owners and the brand. We need to have confidence in who is at the helm of this boat that we are in. Are we going to like every product and every idea that they come up with? No, but someone else might love it.  

I get emotional when I talk about the Bradley family and what they have given us. Look at how many lives they have changed just because they had an idea with activewear, and they ran with it. Do I have confidence in the direction that they are leading us? I can say wholeheartedly, yes!  

When I first started, I didn’t have this confidence. I didn’t know the Bradley family, and it was a new brand, so I didn’t know how to have confidence. 

What I did to build my confidence: 

I found one product that I became confident in. I want you to do the same, find a product that you love, and build your confidence in that product, and it will grow from there. The product that I was confident it was the Bomber Bra. I knew then that I didn’t have confidence in a lot, but I did have confidence that I loved this bra. It was supportive and affordable, and super cute. I can sell this! I ran with that until I grew more confident.

Ask yourself, “Why? What is causing me to have this lack of belief?” Chip away at that. Ask yourself these hard questions. Have a conversation with your sponsor, let them know what you are struggling with, and then move past that. We need to have confidence in Zyia.

Get out there and start building relationships and be a light in this world. Even if you don’t exactly feel this way, you can search up a positive, uplifting quote and share it. I promise you that someone needed to hear that or see that, and you’re going to be able to connect with them. Do something today. Go and create a relationship. Go and do something to draw someone to you.

If you haven’t planned your January yet, get some parties booked, even if it’s a mystery hostess party. Get your calendar moving in the right direction.  

Start feeding yourself the positivity and confidence that you need through quotes or books and sharing that, and please, please fill your calendar.  


One thing to keep in mind and help build your confidence in this brand is that Erin Bradley believes that this is a partnership with you.   

“When nothing is owed, deserved or expected 

And your life doesn’t change by the person who’s elected, 

if you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected.  

Decide what to be and go be it.”  

Erin and the leaders inside this company have decided what to be and are going out there to become it.  

How Natalie sees 2021:

In 2021 I have the vehicle to be successful. I am in charge of my paycheck. I love the unknown. I am responsible for the good or bad relationships. I am excited to meet the people I haven’t met yet that will come into my life that I am going to have on my team. I get excited about that girl or guy out there that I don’t even know yet and get to share this with them. We get to link arms and be a part of Zyia and part of this community. They get to feel the light and love that’s here. Come what may, this is a relationships business. The friends and the relationships that I have made are priceless. I get so excited thinking of who is out there waiting for this.  

The best thing that you have learned:

Giving forgiveness and being humble enough to ask for forgiveness. We are going to make mistakes and do things wrong. Remember that as easily as it is given, it can be taken away. Love on your people and provide them with the grace that you or I would want.


Believe in yourself. Do what the leaders did this last year. When March and April came around, they kept going. Do the day-to-day work and keep it up. 

Last year, when March and April came around, all the Natalies of the world were still focused on the plan and kept fighting when it was hard. Do the same!