Stephanie Stoecklein is from Pennsylvania, married with two kids, and was a recruiter for Penn State.

“Consistency is the key to all the locks, and action cures fear.”

When you think about recruiting, that word can be scary. Change the word recruiting to sharing. That helped me even in my position at Penn State. While sharing with students, I had to help them have a vision of what it would look like to go to Penn State. I had to change them from thinking about if they wanted to go there to, “this is what you will experience” if you go there.  

Make it a discipline until it becomes a habit, meaning habits like making your bed and brushing your teeth. You get up and automatically do these things because they’re habits. This is what I mean by being disciplined until it becomes a habit to share with hostesses, at parties, in conversations with friends and family, and on your VIP page. The goal of sharing the opportunity is the end goal. 

You want to share it often—even when it’s tough. Even when you’re scared, even when your hands are sweating like mine right now. Share it enough so that you’re comfortable enough to bring it up in daily conversation. 

“The only way to do it is to do it!”

Zyia is so much more than leggings, and if you believe that and you’re invested in it and invested in what it could be for your family, that’s what sharing the opportunity means. 

Using incentives to present the opportunity:

I am a competitive person. How many of you are also competitive? 

Whenever a trip incentive is put out there, I know my business will grow. Tying back into what I said earlier, it’s about believing that you can actually do it. When this Mexico incentive trip was released, we said to ourselves, “Someone like me cannot earn a trip like that.” We need to change our mindset right now, if you haven’t yet. It is possible for you, and you need to break it down to 2500 in volume, three enrollments, four parties closed.  

A lot of us, especially If we are newer to this, will find that there is so much going on, and you will find that you are looking left and right, thinking what is this person or that person doing? At the end of the day, you can only control what you are doing. It’s all about the fundamentals and the basics. I don’t worry about the greatest flashy thing that someone else is doing if my basics are in order.  

Don’t let what’s going on outside your four walls control you. Use your season for a reason and not an excuse. The pace of the leader determines the pace of the pack.  

Be consistent with your basics.

If you had 3 people join each month for the next year, by the end of the year, you would have 36 new reps, and if 10 of your teammates did that as well, in a year, you could have 360 new people on your team. This can all come if you are consistent with your basics.  

You need two hands

I love to share this analogy a lot because it reminds me how you can create momentum by sharing the opportunity, but first and foremost through the basics.  

You are on the highway and see and feel a Mack truck pass you. Imagine how big that truck is that you could feel it pass you. Now image trying to push that Mac truck. You won’t be able to move it. In our businesses, a lot of us are pushing with one hand-on and one hand off. We need to get back behind it and put both hands on that truck. Because once you get that truck rolling and it starts rolling down a hill. Nothing is going to stop it. But in order to get it moving, you have to be willing to dig deep, put both hands on the Mack Truck, and literally push. 

My mom always has said, “If you never ask, the answer is always no.” I asked my husband, “can I have one hour? Can I have one hour of focused time where I can have both hands on the truck.” With that hour, I’m going to sit down and book out my parties for January and February. 

Focus by taking one hour and powering through. From that consistency, you’ll be able to share the opportunity and get those parties booked.  

I love doing multi-hostesses in one party because they create:

  • Momentum
  • Energy
  • Conversation
  • Many people in one party
  • More success

If you treat it like a business, it will pay you like a business. Treat those men and women like they are your mom, your sister, or your best girlfriend. They will feel that. Treat it like a shopping trip, pre-covid, you’re going to the mall having fun in a positive place.  

Setting up your pop-up shop or party:

This is how I plan out and set up my parties:

  • Pick one day each week to plan your parites.
  • Book out your full month of parties on those days
  • Keep your communication going with your Hostesses the entire time, from the moment it starts.  

Right away, start thinking about referrals. If you’re buying a couch and your best friend says, “Hey, this is where I got mine” then you’re more likely to get it from where they got theirs.  

Incentivize your hostesses: 

I tell my hostesses, for any enrollment or bookings from your party, I will give you a gift card, just to say thank you. They will be more inclined to do so because they trust you and appreciate you, and are excited about that.

Share the opportunity so many times that it is conversational and not just a discipline.

Share the opportunity before, during, and after the party.

  1. Before:
  • When I set up the link for my hostess, I ask, “Hey, I didn’t know if you knew or not, but you can earn income on top of your free clothing. Are you interested in that?” Ending it in a question leaves it open-ended. No one likes to be sold to. You’re sharing.
  1. During:
  • Cheer your host on, letting them know what an awesome job they’re doing. “Amanda, you are doing awesome at this. Your friends love this. You are so good at this.” How many of us just want to hear that?
  • In your live videos in the parties speak about the rep opportunity.  
  1. After:
  • After the party, follow up with them and say, “Hey, you’re ready to cash out those rewards. Did you know that you can put these towards the rep kit to lighten the cost? Does that interest you?

Why would you not share it? 

It’s almost like a great movie you have seen or great take-out. You can share it effortlessly.  

What happens if I am not meeting my goals?

You can’t control other people. You can only control yourself.

I ask myself, “Am I showing up?”

  • For myself
  • For my business
  • For my organization
  • For my ladies who are saying yes to me, am I showing up for them?

What can we control?

  • How many people we reach out to a day
  • Follow-up, being incredible at follow-up.
  • Talk to a past Hostesses. Plan a date about 90 days out to go over new items that were released during that time. “We have some great things coming up. What does your April look like?” Grab a date with them right away.  
  • When setting up the party, it is your job to bring in your belief, your excitement, and the fun.  

You cannot control how many people purchase or what your hostess does. What you can control is showing up the next week and starting it all over again.  

I truly believe that actions solve everything. Anyone who is successful at anything in life, I truly believe, has just heard “no” more. 

When you get to a point where you have a belief in this company, yourself, and in your family, you can put both hands on the truck.  

If I had stopped dead in my tracks, it would have defeated me. But what about that next person who needs this so badly that if you don’t share, they’re not going to hear about it?

I think back to myself a year ago when an incentive trip came out. I was on an equal playing field. I had zero points, zero Reps, my kit was in the mail, and I had this belief of, “What if I took ownership of the next 90 days?” 

Then I focused on the controllables only.