With Sam Higginson and Jonette Jordan:

I’m a branding and marketing specialist from Los Angeles, California. I was born with Sickle Cell, a hereditary blood disease, often terminal, and debilitating physically. I have always believed that physical activity was something that would keep me healthier, and have always been into working out. When I found Zyia, I knew I needed a change that would fit into my life organically. I was told about Zyia and Erin Bradley and the Zyia pillars, and felt that Erin Bradley was a woman after my own heart. I found that Zyia was the right choice for me. I love Zyia and I’m happy to be here.

I joined Zyia right before the pandemic began. I thought that it would turn my Zyia business upside down, so I decided to put on my branding and marketing hat. I knew that if I could get to the heart of some basic activities and do them well and consistently—and coach and train my team to do them well and consistently—we’d get through this the best we can.
My team and I did it, and things have really exploded.

We have focused on four key areas to get to Director. And we’re knocking on Senior Director’s door pretty soon.

1. Branding: 

There are tens of thousands of Zyia Reps out there. If you want someone to join you in business, then you need to make yourself stand out.  

  • What makes you different from everyone else? How you market yourself to others, 100% will impact their decision to become your customer or a new Rep on your team.  
  • When you put the new arrivals or restock clothes on, do you just throw it on with anything, just to say you did it? Or do you make your product pics fun and stylish? If you make it look fun and stylish, that will draw people to you. That vibe will bring people to you.
  • Do you make Zyia look like a fun community to join, or does it look boring and robotic?  
  • Are you taking your own photo of your new arrival, or are you just using the company photos? There needs to be something about you. Be yourself. Showcase who you are organically through the clothes and the business opportunity.

“If you make it look fun and stylish, that will draw people to you.

That vibe will bring people to you.”

Jonette Jordan

2. How We Recruit: 

It’s about how we recruit, not that we recruit. That’s a given. How we recruit has been highly important to the growth of our teams.  

  • Don’t chase people. No more just a human body. No more, just anyone. Find the right fit for the vibe of my team.  A wise man (Sam Higginson) once told me, “You only get one opportunity to create the team culture that you would like. ONE!” 
  • Purposefully add people to your team. Not only do they need to be the right fit for your team, but they also need to be the right fit for the company. We want people that connect with Zyia’s pillars. “Quality over Quantity.”
  • How do you know when they aren’t the right fit? When you chase, convince, and badger someone into enrolling, guess what will happen after they enroll? You are going to have to chase them, convince them, and badger them into working. That’s not going to give you the vibe you want; it only creates frustration and becomes a drag for your team. When you recruit the right people to your team, it creates energy and excitement for the entire team.

3. Create your VIP communities or Groups:  

What is a VIP community or group? A daily shopping trip for women.

  • Share and comment about the new arrivals or restocks within these groups. This will create a fun virtual shopping experience they will want to be part of.
  • These groups create that FOMO and excitement around new products.
  • Create excitement in your group that they will look forward to each week with new releases. If you don’t have a VIP community yet, build one!

“You only get one opportunity to create

the team culture that you would like. ONE!” 

Sam Higginson

4. Customer Service:

This goes way beyond saying,  “I appreciate your order.” It goes deeper than that. Build an all-around customer experience:  

  • When I see that there is a delivery for any of my team members, I text them, “Zyia Mail.” They really appreciate it because, with the pandemic here, many don’t leave their homes, or we might leave through their garage and wouldn’t have known it was sitting there.  
  • When we’re in our VIP group, we come on Live and give them the sizzle. Our VIP Keesha brings her husband and kids on quickly so others can relate. Keep it short and simple. Respecting your customers’ time is huge.  
  • Make your customer service about them, not you. Don’t go on and say that you are close to hitting a goal, and you need their help.  
    • For example, if Nieman Marcus sent you an email and said that they were thirty million orders shy of their quarterly goal and asked you to help, you might wonder who’s going to get fired.  
    • Instead of asking them to help you, use this month’s Wednesday charity donations as a way for them to take action. Then it is about them. They feel just as blessed as the one on the receiving end. Make it about them!
  • Hosting parties
    • Don’t ask if they can host a party for you.  Say, “How would you like to host a party, where you’re going to get these clothes that you love for 50% off—or free depending on how many hostess credits you have?”  
    • Make hosting all about their goals, not yours.

Watch the complete video below.