Right now is the Golden Opportunity

Our expectations of the end of August and moving into the fall are happening right now.  

In July 2020 we have hit new records for:

  • Most ever of enrollment.
  • Most title advancement.
  • Most revenue.
  • Most payout in the company’s history.

“Make sure you are doing the things you need to take advantage of this moment.  ”

Sam Higginson

Have you missed this momentous window? 

Not at all. THIS IS The Golden Opportunity of Time.
Make sure you are doing the things you need to take advantage of this moment.

Best practices to put in place now:

  • It’s not about the end-of-month push or sales. Focus on creating awareness about our brand.
  • If you want to close out a good month, it all depends on the activity you’ve had over the last 60 to 90 days. Build now to see successes later.
  • Don’t go out and talk about the business side of Zyia. Go out and talk about the brand, about Erin Bradley’s story.  This is how you will create interest.  
  • Be honest with your prospects.
    • Tell them that you are trying to meet a month’s end personal sales goal.
    • Tell them that you would appreciate their support.
    • Give a gift with purchase: a personal call, or an invite to the weekly call.
  • Connect with your team.
    • Use a team Hashtag.  
    • Use social media posts as a team. 
    • Use it in a way that connects the team in a community.
  • We are all sideline sisters and brothers. We are all one. Let everyone know that we have the very best activewear products, with the very best customer service. It’s about the product and community as a team.  
  • Allow your prospects to try the product and make sure they stay involved. Invite them to a month-end party.

How should we handle our Competition:   

Reps sometimes worry about their competition and want to know how to defeat their them. Worrying about competition is the most dangerous thing that you can focus on.

  • Don’t even give your competition a thought.  
  • Don’t be stagnant.  
  • Don’t look for excuses to justify your own inactivity.  
  • Focus on what it is you are good at.
  • Focus on what this brand stands for: some of the greatest people on the planet launched an activewear company, and you get to be a part of it. Let’s find a way to make it the number one prestige active brand together.  That is the only focus.  

Your only competition is you. Get prepared for what’s to come. The only way to do that is to do the work. There is no other way.

“Step up and stand out.”

Sam Higginson

Sam Higginson Challenge:

Find people in your network, ask them if they have ever heard of Zyia. Write down 25 people you want to reach out to invite to this team.  

  • Even if you had recently made a list already, create a new one.
  • Focus on those you are most scared to approach.  Seizing the opportunity to reach out to someone new will help level up your confidence—and not only in your business. This confidence will spread to your marriage, parenting, and community involvement.
  • Make sure you have reached out and had a good conversation with everyone on your list. 
  • Invite them to be part of the new product launch each week.
  • Give a shout out to anyone on your team who has reached one of their goals.

You have great support from your leaders. They are committed and won’t stop until Zyia has become the number one prestige activewear brand in the world. Don’t stop until the world knows about this brand, product, and the individuals that make Zyia Active so great.

“Know that you chose Zyia, and Zyia chose you.”  

Sam Higginson

Watch the complete video below.