This week we were joined by Blair Sells, who shared her insights on simplifying the process for new reps. Married for almost 14 years, Blair is a mother to two boys, ages 11 and 8.  She’s also a former Transportation Planner with a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado.  Blair began her journey with Zyia Active in January of 2018. Currently, she’s a Double Zyia Executive, leading a team of over 9,000 reps. 

“Blair understands the value of, We’re better together than we are alone.”

-Katie Ganderton

Blair: I’m all about simplification and once thought of it as a sign of weakness. I now know it as a strength.  Here are some keys to simplifying the process:

Don’t overthink it.

When I got started, I knew nothing about Zyia, clothing, or retail.  I only knew that my friends were going to be excited about Zyia and I dove right in. 

  • New reps should feel loved, welcomed, and not overwhelmed. All the other stuff you can figure out along the way.
  • There are three simple facets to Zyia:
    1. Shop
    2. Host
    3. Join

Simplify the system:

Make this a duplicatable process. Show your new Rep what they need to do to start, and have them pass it along to their new Reps. My first official touch with my new Rep is a newsletter. The newsletter is easy to create and includes:

  • A focus on the four pillars.
  • Information to excite them about joining the Zyia Community.
  • Instructions on how to connect with Customer Service.
  • A few key social media handles to follow.
  • Three of the new Rep quick-start videos.

Most importantly, when it comes to new Rep onboarding:

  • Make sure to build a personal connection with your new Rep.
  • Get them on a phone or a chat, and really get to know them.
  •  If you are a new Rep and haven’t set up a time to chat with your sponsor:
    • Schedule a time with your sponser.
    • Share what lead you to Zyia.
    • Share what motivates you.
    • Share what initial goals you have.

Having this time with your sponsor will help you set what your expectations are as a new Rep, and what the expectations are for your upline as well.

Three components to include in your onboarding videos:

1. Commit:

  • Mastering your mindset:
    • There will be times that this business is hard. If you can get past that, if you can strengthen your entrepreneurial muscle, you will be amazing.
  • Stay grounded in your “why”:
    • Your why is your personal story, and no one can take that away from you. 
    • Your why is what differentiates you from every other Rep out there.
    • Your why is your personal chapter to write and share with your friends.
  • Know the inner workings of the back office. Take time to watch the tutorials including:
    • Learning how to set up an event.
    • Learning how to place an order.
  • How do you plan on connecting with your network?  Figure out how you want to connect right from the beginning:
    • What channel are you most active on?
      • Facebook – Set up a Facebook group.
      • Instagram – Set up an Instagram account.
      • Email-Maybe your friends aren’t on social. Set up an email campaign.

2. Launch:

  • Let your friends know that you are open for business.
    • Have an online launch.
    • Do a bag drop.
    • Have a few girlfriends over to allow them to touch and feel the products.
    • Share your favorites and get your friends excited about your new adventure.
  • You do not need to have a lot of inventory with Zyia.This is a huge selling point for our business.
    • This is a huge selling point for our business.
    • Unbox your kit and share that you have another $100 to spend on what you want and that you’re open for business.
  • Get to know five to ten of your top favorite pieces and go from there.

3. Momentum:

  • We need new Reps to get into activity right away. If you do, this is where you will:
    • See that excitement.
    • See that excitement.
    • Build your customer base.
    • Get advocates for your brand.
  • It doesn’t matter which way you choose to get started in your activity. You can:
    • Have an online party that one of your friends will host.
    • Drop off a bag of Zyia for a friend to try.
    • Meet a girlfriend for coffee. 
    • Set up a table at a studio, if available.
  • Ask for referrals.
    • After a launch party, follow up and ask if they have any friends that would have an interest in these products as well.  
    • Referrals are the best way to branch out from your initial circles and keep the momentum going.
  • Make sure to do your follow-ups.
    • Make sure they love their gear. 
  • Set a precedent for impeccable customer service from the very beginning.
    • Pride yourself on your customer service.
    • You are the face of Zyia.

Common mistakes for new reps:

1. They don’t do a launch.

2. They let perfect stand in the way of good.  

  • You don’t need to wait until you:
    • Know more.
    • Feel ready.
    • Have everything set up.

3. They don’t show up.  

  • “Brave, not Perfect!” Who cares if you:
    • Mess up on a live video (Everyone does!)
    • Don’t have a big turnout at one of your events. It doesn’t matter because the next time you will.
    • Get a “NO” from a friend when you are prospecting. Go for “no” because that means you are trying.

4. You are not putting yourself out there.

  • You need to put yourself out there to move the needle of your business, even before you are ready.

5. Worrying about not being the expert.

  • Earn while you learn.
  • Don’t worry about if you make mistakes along the way.
  • Zyia is a business you can start with a $295 kit and know next to nothing. Everything else will come along the way.

6. Trying to master all accounts on social at one time.

  • Choose one social account to master at a time.
  • Meet people where they are. 
  • If most of your friends are on Facebook? Start there. If you have a big following on Insta? Start there.
  • Don’t worry about doing all of them all at once.

7. Post and pray

You cannot post and pray on social and expect success in your business.

  • Though we say you can run your business from your phone, only 5%-10% of my day is spent on social.
  • Build relationships by:
    • Picking up the phone.
    • Going for coffee.
    • Getting to know your customers.
    • Taking time out to message a teammate or a friend.
    • Asking questions and listening.
  • Zyia is a relationship-based business. Social is a great tool, but not the only aspect of our business.

“This year, we have experienced a lot with COVID-19 and without, and we are coming out on the other end of this stronger than ever.”

Erin’s vision, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

With this vision, our leaders have new ways to rise together.

  • Streamlining the process, so each new Rep doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • New Streamline systems put in place in terms of:
    • Tech
    • Website
    • Communication
    • Better Customer Service

“Treat your business like a business, not a hobby, and good things will happen with hard work.” 

Watch the full video below.