With Tasha Badding and Sam Higginson

Tasha Badding has become an expert at the ‘never ending’ party and has built an incredible customer base. What do we do when the party is over? We don’t want it to end. Keep the party going in your VIP Facebook group. 

Tasha’s Tips 

Everything comes down to building trust. We’re building trust in our products, in ourselves, and in Zyia. We’re working to build trust in our VIP groups through: 

  • Versatility: There is so much more to Zyia than showing up sweaty after a workout. Try getting creative and incorporating a single piece into other outfits. Where can you wear Zyia? Our products can go anywhere you do. Show this in your group.  
  • Quality: Zyia pays attention to detail and makes pieces that last. Show people that their investment will pay off with clothing that is wearable over and over. 
  • Variety: Be willing to try new Zyia products and follow the latest releases on Wednesdays. People want to know they can get more than the same pair of leggings. 
  • Uniqueness: Explain why Zyia Active is different. What sets the product apart? What makes the company unique? 

Building Trust in You 

Your business is important, but it’s not the most interesting thing about you. You wouldn’t talk about Zyia 100% of the time when out with your best friends, so treat your VIP group the same. Your never-ending party should be a hangout and a community. Be more social and less ‘salesy.’ You’re more than just your business, so let your posts reflect that. Are you a parent? A passionate volunteer? A reader, a baker? Share it with your customers because those places are where the connections happen. 

“Customers don’t just buy Zyia products; they buy your energy, enthusiasm, stories, and magic. “

By keeping people tuned in, you’re attracting your next customer, hostess, or business partner.

Building Trust in Our Brand 

Build trust by being consistent, confident, and honest. Show up and do the work. You may benefit from creating a system that helps you stay accountable and consistent each week. Scheduling posts with themes each day can help develop the habit of checking in for both you and your VIP group. Not all of your themes need to be Zyia-specific, but making them personal is effective. You can include giveaways, but also remember that Zyia product has value. Reward your great customers, but don’t rely on giveaways.  

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.  “

Other VIP Tips 

You can find new additions for your VIP group through your personal Facebook page. Following up with customers who order and sending out your link is another way to keep the party going. Once you’ve added people to your VIP group, don’t just post and pray. Interact with people—remember, your goal is to build those relationships through authentic communication.  

“You wouldn’t invest in planting an entire garden and then walk away from it. Water and nurture your VIP group, and you’ll start seeing a continuous harvest. “