With Shalini Blubaugh and Sam Higginson

When we stretch beyond our comfort zones, we make room for growth. Zyia can Are you waiting to be brave in your business, or are you choosing to be brave? Often we think we can start expanding once we reach a certain rank or attain a specific goal.

But bravery is a choice, not a benchmark. We become more courageous by doing courageous things.  

Shalini was so excited to be a new Rep. She constantly shared the opportunity and clothes and didn’t dwell too much on the what-ifs. When asked about her success and what she was doing, Shalini answered that when our intentions are coming from a place of service and a desire to love the people we interact with, bravery becomes a natural progression of showing up.  

We can work our business, get locked into our to-do lists, and forget that we also need to show up bravely, ready to see what happens.  

When Shalini was asked to be a speaker for the first time, she was incredibly anxious and thought that maybe she’d made a mistake to try. When she arrived at the airport, she was thrilled to see what seemed like a sign: a sticker on a water bottle that said, “Fortune favors the brave.” She realized she had two options. She could give up and go home, or she could show up and face her fears.  

The first step towards growth is showing up. Are you going to leave the airport, or go back home? 

Our Zyia business thrives when we believe in ourselves. It can be a challenge when we haven’t gotten that big paycheck yet, or if we have a tough week. When you keep showing up anyways and believe that we can, it opens the door for opportunities to come our way. Sometimes actions help us believe, but sometimes we have to believe before taking action. 

Zyia Active can push you outside of your comfort zone, but ask yourself, what is the worst that could happen? Our feelings about it are often far bigger than the actual outcome. Don’t be afraid to show up for others and share the opportunities with others even if they end up saying no. 

  “Bravery is not the absence of fear; it’s taking action despite the fear. “

Many of us start our business because we like the leggings or want to create a financial opportunity, but find out along the way that what’s happening is personal growth. Although showing up brave in our business does not guarantee a specific outcome, it does guarantee growth. It’s ok not to know exactly what you’re doing sometimes, but keep believing in yourself.  

Everything that we do in our business boils down to how brave we are willing to be. But being brave isn’t a one-time thing. We have to show up and be brave every day and maybe even multiple times a day. And it’s important to remember that we all have different things that we have to be brave about. Our fears and skills are not the same, and that’s ok! Someone is cheering you on because that’s how the Zyia family is.  

“Once we get our minds in the right place, all of the rest will follow.