With Natalie Swenson  and Sam Higginson

When we stretch beyond our comfort zones, we make room for growth. Zyia can provide you with the vehicle to get to your why. Everyone’s story is different, so the journey will be different, too. If you’re struggling and feel like you’re in a rut, know you’re not alone. Just don’t forget the tools are there to help you move through the challenges and get to success.  

Taking a Moment to Reflect on Your Feelings

Are you happy? Are you frustrated?

No feelings are bad, but take a moment to evaluate your emotions. Use this as an opportunity to realign with your purpose and your why. If you’re not having fun, it will affect your business. It’s essential to check in with any negative feelings and challenges, but no one who is a part of Zyia is alone—there is a whole Zyia community backing you up.  

“Social media is such a powerful tool—either it can use you, or you can use it.

When you’re bringing genuine joy and fun to your Lives and posts, your audience will see that and want to have that same joy. Our everyday interactions also influence our circles more than we realize. Incorporating joy into daily actions can affect our friends and loved ones in powerful ways. 

Instagram and Reels 

The short video format of reels is a fantastic way to explore different ways to incorporate videos. You don’t have to be a dancer or singer. You might surprise yourself with how creative you can be—videos are such a great way to connect with your audience and let people get to know you. Reels are short and designed to grab people’s attention effectively. The process does get easier in time.

Try these tips: 

  • Do an outfit change: Zyia makes it easy to market the brand—the clothes are so comfortable, versatile, and wearable anywhere. Pick an outfit and a song you like. Record just a few seconds of yourself, blackout the screen, then show yourself in the new outfit. ‘Wearing and sharing’ is simple but effective. 
  • Challenges and trends: Try out trends and challenges on social media. 
  • Explore your talents: You might think your abilities aren’t related to Zyia, but sharing your passions and skills helps people get to know you and connect with you. You’re building relationships even if you’re not talking directly about Zyia. 

Time management is critical—don’t get sucked in! Set aside specific time to research great ideas or creative things, save the things you connect with. You can come back later to get inspiration from the content you’ve saved. Take advantage of doing batch recording, then save to your drafts for later use. When life gets busy, you’ll have content ready that you can simply post.  

When you are generating videos, Lives, memes, and posts with the goal of bringing joy, your audience will connect and respond. Trust that the process will get easier with practice, and always try to have fun