With Shelby Trail and Sam Higginson

Summit is such an exciting time for Zyia Reps, and Shelby Trail is a veteran with great advice on setting up for success after Summit and leveraging that excitement and drive to build your team. 

We have two realities: the one we create in our mind and what actually happens to us. When we create a negative reality, we find that this often directly affects us.  

How do I want to grow? 

Think about how you want to grow within your business and team and how you want to grow through Summit personally. You may want to learn how to do better parties or manage your business more effectively or for ways to put yourself and your business first.  

What am I going to leave at the door? 

Think about what you can leave at your door. Maybe it’s time to release insecurities. Are you worrying about not knowing anyone or what others are doing? Are you hanging onto limiting beliefs? Leave them at the door, and you’ll have more freedom to grow. Many people struggle with imposter syndrome or a fear of failing. Letting them go leaves more room for success. 

How are you going to be present?  

If you focus on taking too many notes, you could miss the value of the overall experience. Remaining present at Summit helps you stay grounded and experience the magic! Try minimizing phone notifications, find childcare for your children if you have them. If you’re attending virtually, find a quiet place. It’s one day you can truly invest in yourself and your business. Decide to be all-in, all day. Taking notes isn’t bad, but find a way to take notes that works for you before going into Summit. It might just be a few keywords. 

What is my reflection plan? 

This is so crucial! You might be feeling excited, nervous, or anxious before Summit. While you’re there, you’ll receive so much fantastic advice and so many tips to set you up for success. It can feel so overwhelming! Don’t get stuck trying to digest everything at once–it can paralyze you. Set an intention now for when and where you’ll decompress. Take that time to process. You and your business are worth it. Keep your appointment with yourself. 

Take notes and then decide how you’ll apply them to your business. After considering all that you’ve learned, determine how you’ll implement the information with your team.  

How will I tell my Summit experience story?

We want to be engaging, but it can be a challenge from home without the incredible energy we feel at Summit. Use social media to create connections with your team and your followers. Plan and design content with photos and experiences from Summit. Start thinking about how you can use the things you see and learn for content going forward. When you tell your Summit experience story, think about adding value for your customers. Think about what is meaningful in your life, and share your experience through that lens with your customers.