With Leslie Philips and Sam Higginson

When you do the work during the dog days, you’ll reap the benefits in the next season.   

Leslie Philips studied many entrepreneurs and leaders and discovered that consistency and persistence were two common themes. She developed a daily routine to create success. Identify actions you do that move your business ahead the most. You can spend a lot of time doing stuff, but if those tasks aren’t moving your business, you can shift your time to other things.  

Routines for Success  

Leslie developed a morning routine to prevent burnout and self-care before beginning her daily to-do list. A well-constructed to-do list is more than a few chores written down. Put the most difficult things at the top of your list to do first.   

Try her list:  

  • Customer Follow-up: Check-in with customers who have ordered.  
  • Invite: Invite people to host and Rep.   
  • Message: Set a goal to message several people through Facebook each day to say hi or catch up. Zyia can organically come up in conversation, leading to an invite to the VIP group. Each conversation plants a seed!   
  • VIP Check-in: Visit your VIP group every single day. You can use a variety of posts, including spotlights, an outfit of the day (OOTD), doing a review, or going live.   
  • Party Check-in: Check on active parties and respond to comments or questions.  
  • Go Live: Many people don’t like doing lives, so maybe this is the difficult thing you put first. Lives help people get to know you, and you build a rapport. You can be honest about how the product works—or doesn’t work—for you. Leslie has found success keeping her lives to five to ten minutes in the evening.    
  • Rep Follow-up: Check in with your team all the way down. Don’t just ask how they’re doing—see how their VIP groups are going, how their lives are. It helps them to feel they are an important priority.   
  • Order Follow-up: On Wednesdays, follow up on orders. Checking in to make sure customers love their products is a wonderful opportunity to see if they would like to host a party. Explain in simple terms how parties work without overwhelming them.   

Sticking with Your List on the Bad Days  

If you don’t do your list daily, you’ll see a lag. Some days we don’t feel like it, or life gets crazy. But if you want to be successful in your business, you need to make yourself and your business a priority every day.   

Setting a timer can help you. Don’t allow yourself to do anything off that list until the timer goes off. You’ll be surprised how much you can get accomplished in that time. If you can’t do a full power hour, maybe do half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night. Do 15-minute increments if you have to. Work your business even when you don’t feel like it.   

“Be consistent, persistent, and resilient.” 

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