With Joie Comeiro and Sam Higginson

Confidence isn’t something everyone is born with—it can take a lot of work! Joie Comeiro battles anxiety every day to show up for her customers and her team.

Dealing with “Pam”  

Network marketing has gotten a bad rap for some over the years. Coming into sales can scare new people away from saying the word ‘sell.’   

Sometimes “Pam” happens. She complains you’ve joined a network marketing company, and you have the audacity to sell leggings to your friends and family. The truth is, she’s being sold to every moment of every day—we all are. Companies don’t care what “Pam” thinks. They’re going to continue to sell—and so should you.  

Your Relationship with Selling  

You’re not ‘bad’ at selling, you have a bad relationship with selling. To be a good salesperson, you don’t need huge sales, just obtainable goals. Hit them consistently, then TRAIN YOUR TEAM TO DO THE SAME THING.  

It Helps to Know Your Stuff  

What helps many with their confidence is knowing the material. Know your stuff, and pass on your knowledge. Making a commission is terrific, but residual income sustains you.  


“Commission happens when you’re present, and residual happens when you’re sleeping.” 

Teach your team to hit those obtainable goals, and then make sure they’re all doing the same thing. That will feed your soul AND your bank account.   

Reexamining Obtainable Goals  

Bringing in $200 activates your account and earns you a paycheck. But what’s the next goal? Bring in $600 in a month, and you get the free website. But if you’re not shooting for $1000 to get that increased commission, you’re leaving money on the table. At the highest levels of Zyia, your personal requirements are actually pretty small, but the team requirements are huge. Building your team is the secret sauce.   

Be the Expert  

Knowledge is power. Learn how to sell the way you learn about the product. Get notes from the successful sellers in your life, and check out great books about selling. Never miss a summit or new Rep training call.   

Get an accountability partner—it can be a lonely business if you don’t. Don’t be afraid of trial and error. Don’t be scared of failure, just fail forward. Find selling tools online even if they’re not related explicitly to Zyia and learn from them.  

Try this tip: Joie watches QVC because those people sell 24/7. They are a fantastic resource to learn from. What tips can you get from QVC sellers and implement during your next live?   

Building Trust  

The number one rule of selling for Joie is building trust. Be honest about the product and yourself.   

Show up every single day, without fail, for your VIP group. Talk to your VIPs like they’re your friends. Your posts don’t have to be world-changing, just provide some value and solve problems. If you had a brick-and-mortar store, you wouldn’t ignore customers. Have the confidence to let them know how they can save, what the new products are, and that you can help them find anything they need.   

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