With Tanya Sauder and Sam Higginson

How can we use success habits to drive our business both today and for the long term?  

Tanya Sauder is a Double Zyia Executive. Tanya feels the beliefs we carry about ourselves are half the battle. Your mindset and your habits go hand in hand.  

It’s up to you to show up every day and decide how a bad day or a bad thing will affect you.   

The Abundance Mindset  

“Change your mindset, plain and simple.”   

You have to have an abundance mindset. When you get into a negative state of thinking, you’ll start seeing those negative thoughts everywhere. Things shifted for Tanya when she decided to put out into the world what she wanted to see.   

It Starts with Goal Setting…  

Changes don’t happen overnight—it takes hard work. Worry steals your joy—you’re putting it out there that you don’t believe good things will come to you, and there isn’t enough to go around. Implementing an abundance mindset allows you to see there’s more than enough for everyone!   

Think about what your business goals are—we aren’t all here for the same reasons. Slight modifications, like one extra connection a day or one additional party per week, add up to massive changes over time.   

…But Goals Are Only the Beginning  

We need goals, and writing them down is an effective way to bring them to life. But the goal only sets the direction. You need a system to drive you there. Winners and losers can have the same goals. What separates them are the systems that they implement.  

“We don’t rise to the level of our goals. We fall to the level of our system.” 

Staying Present and Intentional  

Be intentional about reserving time for yourself. Do whatever makes you feel good and confident, so you’re prepared to show up as your best self. Not taking time can affect your ability to stick with your systems. When you set your mindset and shift away from making excuses, you’ll prioritize what matters.  

Celebrate other people’s wins. Maybe their success is meant to inspire you. If they did it, you can do it! Like and comment on their post. Let their success motivate you, and ask for pointers. A bad attitude distances us from our goals.   

“Keep your promises to YOURSELF. We keep promises to others. Why not to ourselves?” 

Tanya showed up every single day, and eventually, her business grew. She’s turned it into a career path after months of hard work. Power through times when nobody is buying the leggings, and nobody likes your lives or posts. Give yourself the time it takes.   

No one starts out being the best. Your good habits are what get you there. You can change who you are if you change what you do.   

“Ask yourself: what type of person do you need to become to achieve your goal?“ 

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