With Lindsey Donnellan and Sam Higginson

“You don’t wake up one day, and suddenly you’re a double Zyia director; it takes some serious effort.“  

Lindsey Donnellan fell in love with Zyia from the start. Although Zyia is for everyone, she felt strongly that she needed to choose the community she would work with. As a teacher, Lindsey knew the teaching community was an excellent place for her to start. She went out into the schools and the local gym to figure out who she could connect with and how she could match people with the right products and sizes.   

Redefining Community  

Covid forced many Reps to try new ways to host parties and reach customers with the Zyia opportunity. Reps who have found success have expanded their communities on Facebook by interacting with different groups that weren’t necessarily Zyia-related. If you’re the kind of person who does well with in-person interaction, going live is your friend because you can be your weird, fabulous, and quirky self, and people will connect with that. What should you go live about? Anything! All the things that make you who you are are great for going live and don’t have to be Zyia focused. But maybe you’re wearing your Zyia gear, or you let people know that there’s a great special happening.  

VIPs and Successes  

Engagement is critical. Zyia Reps want to provide value in addition to the products we offer. Your VIP page doesn’t only have to be Zyia products. Find people in your community or even elsewhere in the country who are doing something to celebrate. Create interactive posts that get people talking and sharing even non-Zyia related stuff. As they connect, they’ll bring their other friends in, and your network will grow.   

As you are growing your team, invest your time in each team member. As your team grows, it gets more challenging, but it’s so worth it because it lets your team know they’re supported.

“Celebrate all successes! Shoutouts, team pages, group chats all help you build and maintain your networks.“  

The Power of the Pop-Up  

Pop-ups are a valuable way to get out into the community. You may not sell a ton of product, but it’s a golden opportunity to make and strengthen connections and invite people to take advantage of Zyia when they are ready. You don’t need much inventory because you can help customers order the products, so you can still have a great pop-up if you don’t have everything in every size. The goal is to let people see and feel the product on you.   

Be Someone’s Community  

If you find that people do not have strong support in their upline, then adopt them! Bring them in and let them know you’re here for them and you’re excited to see them succeed. Not everyone can navigate things alone. A strong and supportive upline can be the difference-maker. If you’re the one who doesn’t have a strong upline, look around. Is someone on your sideline doing great? Is there another person in another upline who is making moves? Get in touch and work with them.