With Lisa Edwards and Sam Higginson

Everyone has to decide how they will lead. Lisa Edwards has built a thriving Zyia business, but she admits she struggled in the beginning. Initially, Lisa worried because people didn’t know the brand. She realized that looking outside of herself for the reasons wasn’t giving her any solutions. Lisa turned inward to do some self-work, deciding that going forward, she would move with love. This decision transformed her life and her business.   

“It’s not easy to always lead from love.”  

Letting Go of Fear  

It’s normal to be afraid that others will judge or fear failure or what others may think. Leading with love can help you move past the fears, share your business with others, and grow more freely. Truly learn to love yourself first. It’s not easy, but the magic will start happening with your business if you stop seeking outside yourself. Then you can nurture and help others.  

Try this exercise: take some sticky notes and a pen, and write down your fears on a note. Admit to old fears and new worries and get them out on paper. Then take another note and write down what you can do to help conquer your fear. Maybe you feel like you can’t sustain your growth or the growth of your team. What are the steps that will help you be sustainable and accountable? Address these fears and identify authentic, actionable items. Now take the fear sticky note and rip it up. Take the action note and put it where you’ll see it every day as a positive reminder of what you CAN do. It helps you eliminate excuses!   

“Are you worth the investment? Don’t others deserve the opportunity, too?”  

Love and Service  

When you begin to make decisions from a place of love, you can access a service mentality. Shifting to this intention allows you to present the Zyia opportunity without it feeling “salesy.” You’re sharing what you love! You’ll have moments where people here and there may push back, but the more you share what you love, the fewer those moments will be. People can feel that love when you talk to them.  

A Fresh Focus  

Stop thinking about your business solely in terms of making more money. When you shift your focus and energy away from only making money to growing and serving, the money will come.   

Vulnerability is challenging, but it’s the only way to grow. It’s vital to feel the emotion, but feel it, then let it go. Energy is contagious, whether it is positive or negative. When you’re motivated, people will feel that positive buzz. When you’re not feeling it, then it’s time to step away for a bit. Meditate or do something you love so you don’t burn out.  

Lead with Love  

As a leader, it’s important not to project your fears onto your team. People will detect your nervous energy. Reach out and ask how you can help others, but don’t try pouring from an empty cup.   

“You have to let caterpillars be caterpillars. They’re going to transform into butterflies on their own time. Don’t force anything on anyone because it will not help you in the long run.”