With Erin Mayo and Sam Higginson

Brands aren’t just for large businesses. Crafting a personal brand can frame the process for how you approach your business. You’re putting the right behaviors into place that will launch you to that next level, whether you’re just starting or aiming for double Zyia Executive.

“Zyia is the company, but you are the brand.” 

An effective brand tells everybody who you are, what you do, and how you’re going to do it.Many don’t come into Zyia with experience or a clear plan. Creating your unique brand allowsyou to feel more organic and natural as you embark on your Zyia journey.

Everyone Has to Figure Things Out

Building your brand isn’t like putting on an act. While some try to take this approach, they often find that it doesn’t work in the long run. Crafting your authentic brand may begin with many failures, but the details will fall into place over time if you are willing to do the work. 

All Fun and Games  

Parties are so much fun and get people excited to join Zyia. That’s great! Now, take it further. You can keep having fun with this business while also working it effectively by identifying and working towards your why. However, understand that over time, your why can change.  

“Be ok with an evolving brand.”  

Many Reps want things to be perfect and ready to go from the beginning, but your brand will evolve as your business shifts. Try lots of things, and note what works. Our unique backgrounds factor into how we craft our brand. Building your brand helps you build confidence, and customers will respond.   

Tips for branding yourself:  

You are creating your own business. Branding yourself gives you creative control. Try these techniques:  

  • Think of yourself as an influencer—that’s what you are! You influence your market, demographic, and network because you want people to look and feel their best and be a part of Zyia’s wonderful community.    
  • Write a vision statement—what sets you apart? Clearly state your goals and what you hope to accomplish. Revise your vision statement as things change.  
  • Use social media marketing mindfully—as Zyia grows, your market may have more than one Zyia rep. What about your brand is attractive? That looks different for all of us.   
  • What do you want to be the takeaway—what will the customer experience be? How you follow up is critical. Don’t be afraid of finding out what people liked and didn’t like. Taking feedback—even negative—will help you positively tailor your brand.   

When people have a really amazing experience with you and your brand, they will want to share it with others.  

Evolution + Consistency = Winning  

Be open to an evolving brand. Your network and your followers will evolve with you! What used to work may no longer fit now, and that’s ok. As you learn more and gain confidence, your brand and business will be all the better for it. Find a way to balance this openness to evolution with consistency in your wording, how you post, and how often you post.   

Be prepared and ready to show up every day.