With Erica Herrold and Sam Higginson

Zyia Reps are killing it! You’re breaking records and building up to continued record growth! Let’s keep the momentum going. 

“I Recruited My Face Off” 

Erica Herrold has built a team on fire with success. She’s got some essential tips to help Reps create winning teams by rallying them around big ideas. 

The Big Idea mentality takes time to create. You may have ideas that don’t take—keep working on them. Build that trust with team members. You might have team calls with only a few attendees or none at all. Keep plugging away. 

Begin by rallying around Zyia’s Big Ideas. Don’t be afraid to take great ideas from other companies and put your personal touch on them when applying them to Zyia.  

When you want to dream big, don’t overthink—get it out there, and figure out the details after. If the idea needs work, it can still be a fantastic learning experience.  

Find your creative spark! 

Separating the Good from the Bad 

An idea can be great for one Rep and not work for you, because it’s not authentic to you. Have people you trust who can give constructive ideas and honest feedback. They can help you identify issues or how the idea ties into your brand. Don’t try to catch everything that’s out there. You can follow hashtags and things that are authentic to you—un-follow things that aren’t. 

Are you in? 

Are you kind of doing your business, or are you all-in? Think about what it would mean to put your foot on the gas. At first, you might get blocked and experience rejection. Get out of your own way. Practice your message, craft your brand and keep going. You can work through the discomfort from rejections to find your rhythm.  

Here’s a secret to success: finding accountability partners. True accountability partners are so critical in your business and won’t settle for anything but the best version of you. If you’re open to it, you’ll reap the benefits sooner than you think.

Big Idea: Customer Appreciation Parties  

The simple concept of a Customer Appreciation Party provides an opportunity for you to talk about what hosting a party looks like on your team. Never forget to identify the who, what, when, where, and why for your party:  

  • Who’s invited?  
  • What’s the message?  
  • When is it?  
  • Where is it, and do you have the capacity?  
  • Why are you doing this? 

 If the why is not going to entice others and help your business, it’s not a good idea. 

Collaborate with your team to get feedback and assistance with execution and be prepared to manage your expectations. A great team can help resolve any technical issues. Zyia’s Customer Appreciation Party helps customers understand the hostess rewards program better and helps Reps grow strong teams.  

Finally, never quit on a bad day. The best and most successful Reps face lows and challenges and find ways to persevere and find their biggest and best growth.  

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