With Stacy Moore and Rafa Parr

This week Rafa stepped in for Sam Higginson to speak with Stacy Moore, a double Zyia Executive. Stacy began with her sister in 2019 after hearing about Zyia through social media. She fell in love with the energy and later took over the business.  

She reminded us that it’s easy to be a Zyia Rep because we all love the clothes, making it easy to sell them—but there’s so much more opportunity when Reps decide to build a team. It all comes down to the details, whether you’re using parties, VIP events, or recruiting for new Reps. 

Zyia Active has grown by leaps and bounds. Following up during all this momentum during the last few months will set you up for enormous personal growth in the coming months. But here’s the key—follow-up doesn’t start after the party’s over. In the planning stages of the party, it is an integral piece of your business and should come up at the beginning, middle, and end.  

Phases of Follow-Up 

You can break down the type of follow-up that will provide the best customer service into three phases:  

  • Before the party starts: Every time you begin a party and welcome your guests, you’re beginning your follow-up by establishing lines of communication. Private message everyone in the party with a few lines, plus the shop link. Whether they see the message or not, you’ve begun to build that line. Welcome every person in your virtual party on Facebook, tagging them to call attention to the private message you’ve sent. 
  • When the party starts: Anytime someone comments or interacts, follow-up with a heart react or with a question. Don’t be afraid to send a private message. The Party Poll is a fantastic resource—use it! No matter what answer they give, comment and answer all questions. After a purchase, thank customers and touch back when they receive their items. If anyone has issues with the shop link, private message specific links to the items they love. 
  • After the party: Don’t skip this phase in your haste to move to the next party. Use a planner, notebook, or digital methods to track the party name and any details about the guests. Running a report in the back office every week lets you know who purchased and needs a follow-up. Message again when they receive items to ensure the fit is good, giving your VIP link again.  

Always ask if customers are interested in hosting—such an important detail!  

Staying Organized 

  • Stay organized, so you don’t miss essential information and can provide the best customer service.  
  • Stay intentional. It’s easy to get off on a tangent when using social media, but by referring to a notebook, you can be more intentional and not get so distracted.  

When finishing the party, automatically schedule that follow-up. Otherwise, the hard work of building the relationship will go down the drain. You can cement the details in the customer’s mind, and when they’re ready to purchase again—they’ll seek you out. 

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