With Amy Ward and Sam Higginson

There comes a time when even the best Zyia Reps hit bumps in the business road. We’ve all been there and sailed through to the other side.

Amy Ward, a Zyia Elite, says the solution to any Zyia business problem lies in hosting a Zyia party. In this video, Amy shares her tips on how hosting a Zyia party solves 99% of sales and recruiting problems.

How Did Amy Get Started with Zyia?

Amy hit her first sales bump when she told her husband she wanted to start a Zyia business. Amy happily reports her husband can’t believe what Zyia has done for her personal growth and professional life, but he had to get used to the idea at first. She made it to Zyia Elite in just three years, and her husband is a true Zyia fan. Lesson learned – a “no” can mean, “I need more information,” or even “not today.”  

Don’t let someone’s first response be his or her last. Leave that door open!  

What Exactly does “Put a Party On It” Mean?

Amy says at one time or another all Zyia teams face the same business bumps. Their unanimous answer to every sales or recruiting problem is this: Put a Party On It!

Having a party is the best way to remind yourself and your team that Zyia offers something extraordinary. You can’t walk into Target with eight friends and shop at your own pace with your own consultant! Having a party puts you back in the Zyia groove. It reminds you that Zyia is amazing. Plus, having a party sets a great example for your team.

How Can Having a Party Solve a Business Problem?

Amy says business hurdles appear all the time and you should embrace them. She adds if you get an objection to recruiting, booking, or buying, don’t get personally offended. People do come back around in their own time. You don’t know what someone else’s time frame is. If you’re stuck—call your Mom, your Aunt, or your sister to have a party. Having a party solves sales and recruiting issues, and helps you meet your sales goals. You also get to reconnect with friends and meet new ones. Having a party is walking the Zyia talk.

But What About the “Nos”?

We’ve all heard, “nobody wants to host a party,” or “nobody is saying yes.” Or even “nobody wants to buy anything.” Amy says don’t let that stop you!! Turn that “no” into a “not yet!”

Don’t worry if you think your market is saturated. Don’t let that stop you from contacting people! What if you give up after nine people say no – but it was number 10 that was going to change everything? You just never know where your diamond is hidden. It’s all about taking that chance!

Can You Have a Bad Party?

There’s no such thing as a bad Zyia party! It takes an average of seven exposures for someone to say yes to the business. If a hostess doesn’t sign up to be a Rep right away that doesn’t mean no, she won’t ever be a Rep–it just means she won’t be a Rep today! 

And just because no one buys at a party it doesn’t mean they’re never going to buy! Guests watch your excitement and someone with zero interactions may come to you and say, “I want to be a Rep.” Guests will be attracted to your enthusiasm and want to become part of your business. Sometimes party guests wait to buy until their friend becomes a Rep. Keep that door open and stay positive. As long as you’re having fun, your business will grow. 

What Mindset Do You Need to Put A Party On It?

Go into your party with a joyful attitude. Embrace how your parties are unique and how you add value. If you’re constantly saying to yourself, “I can’t recruit,” or, “My market’s saturated,” then you’re putting all your attention on the negative. And that means that your energy is going there too. 

A joyful attitude keeps your focus on helping others and solving problems. If you’re happy, excited, and having fun – everyone else will have fun too! A joyful mindset is the key to a great party and a great business. So Put a Party On It!