Sam: What is a funnel?

It starts with Awareness, the widest piece of the funnel.
Then Interest.
Then the Point of Decision; asking someone to be a Rep.

Surprise Guest, Buck McMurray:

What does that sales funnel look like? 
You need to understand the journey of the sales funnel. This will help to create momentum in speeding up your funnel process to get the best results.

The Funnel:
What drives volume and sale? There’s a one to one correlation. 
Parties equal volume.
The number of Parties you do has a high correlation with the number of enrollments you get each month.

There are two things that you need to become good at filling your funnel:

Parties need to be the #1 focus. It starts with becoming good at:

  1. Parties.
    1. Finding hosts and hostesses.
    2. Training them.
    3. Coaching them. 
    4. Presenting the products well.
  2. Following up with customers.

If you can be good at these two things, you will have a thriving, amazing business. That’s it, those two things.

On average, you will find a Rep to join your team for every seven parties that you do. (The number of parties each month divided by the number of enrollments.) 

Author Desmond Miller in 1967 wrote a book called “The Naked Ape.” He spent many years observing apes. During this time, he noticed 12 steps they would need to go through before they would mate. He also compared these steps to humans and found that humans do the same thing. He discovered that you need these 12 steps to build trust in a relationship. When you skip a step, you break a level of trust. 
Though there are 12 steps, these steps can be done very quickly. 
How do you build that trust?

Zyia has it spelled out.

  1. Party: This is the first step. This is where they learn about Zyia, what Zyia is, what the product is, etc. Once you create this brand awareness through a party and create that trust of the brand and product, they will then move to the next level of trust. When they make the decision to try some of the products, this is where the magic happens. 
  2. The magic: The follow-up with the customer. The moment that you reach out to your customer to ask them about their experience, this is the moment that separates you from Athleta and LuLu Lemon.  
    1. You need to be there. Even if it is a good experience, you need to be there to amplify that experience. Reinforce their purchasing decision.  
    2. What if they have a bad experience? Reaching out will give you an opportunity to make it a magical experience. One where you are going above and beyond in customer service to make sure that it is an experience that they won’t get anywhere else. This will lead them to the next level of trust.  
  3. VIP Group: Move them into a VIP group or Loyalty Customer group. Keep up with customer service to keep their interest. This will move them into a promoter phase.
  4. Promoter Phase: This promoter phase is asking them to become a Host or Hostess of a party. This is where they love the brand and the product so much that they tell other people about it and refer customers to you. These customers need to be treated like gold. They will need the most follow-up and interest, and contact from you. Keep them excited about the parties and free products, so they can see how easy the process is.
  5. Join your team: When you have built this level of trust, this is when you can ask them to become a Rep and join your team.

If my wife or daughter were to join Zyia today, these would be my first steps for them:

  1. Set a date to do a launch party. This makes it real and creates the urgency to get active.
  2. Start inviting all your family, friends, and neighbors. (If you are missing that inviting language, make sure to understand and have that written down as a team.) Customize it for each person. There are three things when joining Zyia that can be very scary for new Reps. These things are:
    1. Inviting people to your first launch party.
    2. Inviting someone to host a party.
    3. Inviting someone to be a Rep.

If your new Rep understands the process and the language, then this becomes less scary. Many times we have a belief that the worst will happen. We might worry that they will tell other friends and neighbors that we are weird and are part of a pyramid scheme or something. Most likely, this isn’t really what happens, but it creates a false fear. 

  1. Make sure that they know their role in what they do during a party. Set it all up for them to understand what they need to post on days one, two, three, and four. Make sure they know how they need to interact during the party.
  2. Make sure they know how to: 
    1. Invite someone to host the next party.
    2. Closeout sales from the party.
    3. Follow-up to get those orders.
    4. Follow-up with those customers after they place an order.
    5. Check to see if the order has been shipped. 
    6. Follow up about the experience.

This is enough to get them to a director level if they follow these steps.

What does a Director level look like? You should have 12 to 15 parties on your team per month.  

2021 Excitement:

We have seen a huge movement in this industry, mainly due to the pandemic. These are the changes we have seen:

  1. It has forced more people to shop online than ever before. More people are moving to online shopping instead of brick and mortar. 
  2. Zyia gives customers a mixed shopping experience. They have the ease of shopping online mixed with the customer service of a brick and mortar store. This will continue through 2021. 
  3. Athleisure purchases are not slowing down, especially for those working from home. 

We can control the awareness right now. Challenge yourself to a 90-day challenge. Work on your funnel today and see what can happen in the next 90 days.