A goal is just a goal until you take action. There are many distractions in life, and it can be easy to forget about the goals that you’ve made. The only way for me to stay on track with my goals is to break them down into activity or a concrete plan. I need to break it down to have something to do every single day. What can I do every single day to stay on track?

Questions to ask yourself when setting your goals:

  • Do you want to achieve this goal?
  • Are you going to put in the work daily to achieve this goal?

The Zyia Building Block

The Zyia building block is the incentives given to grow your business. If you take advantage of the Zyia building blocks, it’s not about if your business will grow. It is when. All your top leaders take advantage of these building blocks. The Zyia building blocks aren’t something that works for some and not for others, this works for everyone, and if you use them, you will see the momentum, growth, and success in your business.

The Zyia building block includes:

  1. 2500 in sales.
  2. Three new reps.
  3. Four closed parties.

This may sound overwhelming, and you may ask, “Ahh, Sarah, how do we do that?”

2500 in sales may sound like a big scary number, so what I do, is reverse engineer all of my goals.

Reverse engineering 2500 in sales:

  • Divide 2500 by four (weeks in a month). This equals 625 per week.
  • Take the 625 and divide this by your average sales per party. Let’s use 350 as an average. 
  • Then take 625 divided by 350, and that equals less than two.
  • You will see that it takes about two parties per week to reach your 2500 goal.

That’s all you need, are two parties! This is super achievable. If you have a multi-host party, you can knock them both out in one week. Even if you have a full-time job, you can use multi-hosting to knock out multiple parties all at once.

Is Zyia Active your hobby or business?

If you treat Zyia as a hobby, you’re going to spend money on it as if it were a hobby. Take a look at your hobbies. Do you snowboard or go shooting? These all cost money. Yeah, these are fun to do, but they are hobbies and cost money. If you treat this like a fun gig on the side—which it is—you will spend money like it’s a hobby. If you treat this like it’s a business, then you will make money like it’s a business.

Let’s compare this to a doctor’s office. If your receptionist came into work and turned on the computer screen and had no patients on the schedule, then they wouldn’t have a business. Take a look at your calendar. Do you have activity in your calendar? Then ask yourself, are you treating this like a business or a hobby? You need to look at yourself each month and ask yourself this question. Your activities don’t only need to be parties. There are many ways to grow this business. What you need to take a look at are the activities you have scheduled to grow your business.

How to stay motivated

  • If I quit Zyia, Zyia will go on without me. They will continue to grow and become a multi-billion dollar company without me.  
  • This isn’t about Zyia. This is about my family, my goals, and my why. This is what keeps me grounded each day.  
  • As you grow your business and your team, your team will motivate you as well. Not only do I wake up in the morning for my family and my goals, now I jump out of bed in the morning for my team’s goals and their dreams. 
  • We succeed when we help our team and downlines succeed. Their success is our success.  
  • Zyia is not a business that you have others do all the work for you.
  • I have a day of excitement to check in each week and a day of rest.
    • I choose one day a week to check in and be excited about Zyia and set up activity to reach my goals. I choose Monday as my day each week and schedule my training and calls on this day to have a full day of excitement put toward my business, whether it’s a holiday or not.  
    • On Sunday, I have my day of rest and unplug completely to do other things I love. Take a day off to reenergize. Don’t take too much time off, or you’ll get out of the mode and excitement and lose that energy.  

Where Should I Keep my Goals?

I don’t keep my goals in a planner or a book. I keep my goals big and out in front of me. I write out my organization on a big board to see what group of people and goals I need to focus on each month. Write out your team’s goals and help them as well. Take a look at your back office. 

Learn about your back office and how your team is organized.  

If your goal is enrollments, what should you do?

If you hate cold calling or cold messaging, you need to use your parties to get your rebooking. You need to have enough parties to place this opportunity in front of enough people to get new enrollments each month. You need to focus on these re-bookings of parties at each party. If you are only doing four parties a month, you will not reach enough people to keep creating re-bookings for more parties. 

This is a numbers game. You need to put your business in front of fifty to sixty women each month. If you have six to eight parties each month, you will reach fifty to sixty people and meet your enrollment goals. Each month may not always work out this way, but you will meet your goals if you stay consistent.

Remember, break your goals down so that they don’t look too big and can be achieved.

Ups and Downs

You’re going to have hard times, I’ve had hard times, and even Erin Bradley has had hard times. 

The question that you’ll ask yourself is, “Is it worth it?” Each time I ask myself this, my answer is yes. It’s yes every time. I would be lying if I said this was all rainbows and butterflies. This isn’t just an easy, gradual up-slope climb building your business. It has more dips, highs, twists, and turns, but you will see that you will continue to climb, even with all those dips and turns.

I have to go back to my “why” when I go through the ups and downs. There are three stages that you will go through in your business, and they are:

Three stages you’ll go through as a Rep:

  1. During the first stage, you will find yourself always asking yourself if it is worth the time, energy, money spent, and not making much money. You will tell yourself that it is not worth it. But you will push through because you know it’s possible, and you have big dreams and goals.
  2. Stage two will you’ll feel more like it’s worth it. You’ll be getting paid more and helping others get there as well as you keep pushing to get to the next stage.
  3. Stage three may make you feel like, “I’m not worth this much.” You might ask yourself how this happened to me. After crossing off things on your vision board and helping others cross something off their vision board, you may feel this way.

Everyone can get to stage three, but most quit at stage one. Keep pushing through that first step. In direct sales, I like to compare our businesses to a farm and farmers. You have to do all the hard work and sow your seeds first to reap your harvest. Don’t do all the hard work and leave your farm before the harvest. This is the first stage, and many will leave their farm after all the hard work.  

What happens if we fail at a goal?

Every day, every week and every year is a great time to start fresh again. If you fail at your goal, don’t throw it out. Refresh it and start again. “Take your business from the back burner to back in business.” was a training that we just went through, but so true for this topic as well. It’s never too late to keep pushing. Don’t put pressure on yourself if you don’t meet your goal. Keep going, don’t stop.