I’ve been doing some personal development this morning, and I’ve been studying this concept of the Hard Easy vs. the Easy Hard. What this means is to be willing to make the sacrifices up front. Be willing to do the Hard to develop an opportunity to experience some of the Easier, more duplicatable things that will come later in life. Doing the Easy Hardwould be to know what changes you need to make but wouldn’t make any change and just keep bumbling along.

I’m thinking about a handful of leaders here at Zyia Active who definitely had that approach. They are willing to make those sacrifices. They’re eager to do the things that they know will pay them back in 120 days, six months, or maybe even in a year. They’re willing to do those things right now to establish and set that culture so that they might enjoy a more fun and exciting environment down the road. 

Our guest today is none other than Chrissy Tager, who comes to us from California. Mindset seems to be on the mind right now. It’s goal-setting time as it’s the New Year, with 2020 behind us. Today the topic is Recruiting. Why would we talk about mindset when talking about recruiting?


I am so excited to talk about all things recruiting. If anyone has trained with me or you know me personally, you know that this is my absolute favorite thing to talk about. I love the fact that you just brought up the Hard Easy. It is so crucial to step into that role and really examine your mindset around recruiting. What is stopping us from hitting those goals? This is honestly my favorite time of year because of that reason. We need to take time to re-evaluate, reflect, and then set some goals. Where do we want to be, who do we want to be, and how do we get there? We’ve got to figure out how we’re going to get from A to B and do some serious planning. Mindset is at the root of it all. If that’s out of check, then all of it’s out of check.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Chrissy Tager, and I’ve been with Zyia for three years now. I am at the rank of Zyia Presidential. We have over 37,000 team members. It is mind-blowing to see what this company is doing, to see what this brand is doing. This part of the business that we’re going to talk about today is so crucial. It is so important, and it’s worth it to take some time to look at it. 

I built a substantial portion of my business through cold messaging and reaching outside of my circle. I will never say not to do that. It’s fantastic and brilliant to reach outside of your immediate circle. I will always recommend doing that as our industry changes and as the platform changes. I think it’s worth re-evaluating what we’re doing to grow our teams and grow our businesses. We need to be able to evolve with it. We don’t want to be stuck in one way. That’s the beauty of this business. It is always changing.

We are going to be talking about three different topics today that are all-encompassing with growing your team. We will also be talking about your audience.

  1. Who are you speaking to?
  2. Who are you sending the message to? Whether it be a cold message or posting content with your message, you need to understand who it is going out to.
  3. How are you showing up? How often do you follow up?

Hopefully, by the end of this call, you will have a better way to attract people to you. It’s a little easier when you set yourself up to have people coming to you to learn more, to find out about what you’re doing. 

We are going to talk about how to grow your team, which means growing your business. There is no reason why every single person on this call cannot be a top recruiter in the company. 

Breaking it down

We naturally don’t want to do the hard before the easy. We usually push the hard things off. When we can jump over those hurdles, that’s when you will see things happen.


The fear of failure, rejection, or even the fear of success can be a hurdle for some people. For some, the fear comes down to your success because they know if I do this, it will create a little bit more involvement to go all the way in. 


We all naturally have roadblocks or things that are very real feeling. They are things that make you feel paralyzed. They’re scary, they’re real, and are a block to us. Recruiting is often on that street with the roadblock right in front of us. We have these fears that we’re going to look stupid or that someone is going to tell us no. How many of you feel like that? It scares us, and this feeling can absolutely paralyze us. 

What if they say no?

You are going to be okay. This business is not for everyone. If this were for everyone, everyone would do it. In this business, we have to be okay with people telling us, “It’s not for me.” Why does this scare us so much? Realistically when you break that down, you’re still okay. 

How do you feel about selling?

How many of you feel like this, “I can sell a Bomber Bra or Light n Tights, but I am not a recruiter. I’m not good at growing my team, but I can sell.” 

I have some good news for you, recruiting is selling. When you are doing a service, selling the product, or you are doing the service of offering a party for someone. You are doing a fantastic thing, you are the stylist, and you were offering them free product and half off. Recruiting is the same thing, but way more exciting. You’re selling the vision and opportunity. You’re selling something amazing! It may feel scary because it’s different. If you can sell a Bomber Bra, you can recruit, because it’s the same thing. You are presenting to them. You are coming from a place of gratitude and servicing them with something. When we can approach it in that way, it may not feel as scary.  

The Gift of Zyia:

It is human nature for us to put up our guard. Naturally, if people think that you want something from them like you’re going to take something from them, they will go the other way, and they can go kind of fast. When they think that you are coming to them with a gift, the gift of Zyia, they feel like you are giving them something. It feels very different. 

You can use this in all platforms of your business. 

I’ll give you two examples of calling someone up to host a party:

  1. Hi, can you host a party for me? I need to hit my numbers. It would be awesome if you could do this for me. 

They will probably say, “Oh, maybe, I’ll have to get back to you. ”  


  1. Hi, Oh my gosh, you are the first person I called. I have a few openings on Tuesday or Thursday of next week. I know that you have had your eye on a few items, and by doing a party, you will be able to get them for half off. You are the first one that I called, and I am so glad it’s for you.  

That is a very different message. In one, you are asking. The other is giving a gift.  

How to make your approach feel different:

  1. Be okay with them not wanting to do it.
  2. Have that service mindset that you have offering something.
  3. Have a belief in the company, the product, and the business model.
  • Don’t be ashamed of direct sales. Be proud. This is an amazing opportunity.  

Doing these things will make it feel real, and it will come naturally to you.

What do you love about Zyia?

Write down five to seven things that you love about being a Rep for Zyia Active.

For example, I love:

  • That I can work from anywhere, in the grocery store or at my kid’s softball game.
  • More time with family.  
  • More time to travel.
  • The message of the company.
  • The products, of course. 

If you are not there yet, borrow it until you get there. Borrow it because you will get there. Have confidence and believe that you will get there. 

Now that you have the mindset, what are you going to do with it?

You need to have a plan:

  • Who are you marketing to?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Who will you share this with?
  • Why isn’t everyone already doing Zyia? Because they haven’t heard about Zyia yet. It is your job to share this gift with them. If they don’t have a Bomber Bra, it’s because they don’t know about it yet. 

What message do we put out there?

You just made your authentic list of things to pull from. My hope is that you will infuse this list into everything that you do. I hope that you can organically put this list into your actions, business, and life.  

Who do I reach out to, what do I share?

You are your target audience. We all signed up and enrolled with Zyia. We are the market. We all found something about this company that pulled us in. Maybe it was: 

  • The community 
  • The product 
  • The platform of the business

Whatever it was, it was something that pulled us in and worked with our life. Find others with similarities, things you have in common. They don’t have to be exactly like you, look the same, have the same number of kids. Find a common interest. 

On your list, you might have, spending more time with my kids, but be realistic.  

  • You can say that it’s hard running your own business when your child is running in during your zoom call every two minutes. Others can relate to that.  
  • Other parents running their own businesses will relate to you more this way than if you are always posting that you are blessed and say that you will have more time with your family by joining my team.  

That does not resonate. That is not something that others can connect with. Take that list, and don’t be literal with it. If you aren’t feeling like being vulnerable one day, just share the product. You can always go back to sharing the product. 

Other things you can share:

  • Share something about the brand or the stories. 
  • Share things about yourself. You are the brand you are sharing you. It can be whatever you want it to be. What makes Zyia different in a sea of other choices when they can just go to Amazon? The difference is you. You are what makes Zyia and the different experience. It is a different feeling when you are marketing yourself.  

Use this list and put it on repeat.  

  • Post new content but put it on repeat.  
  • That message is strong, and it brings others to you. They will want to know more and want to be a part of it. 
  • Don’t be afraid to share the not so easy stuff.  

Those roadblocks can seem so real and so scary, but great things will happen when we break them down.  

I was one that said that I would never do a live video or do a selfie because people are going to judge me. So what? What if they do judge me? Break through those things that scare you and are uncomfortable. It’s then that you realize, “I’m going to be okay. My business is going to grow. I am running things the way I want.” Those things that are stopping us, like people telling us no, it’s okay. Once you break through those roadblocks, you’re cruising! Once you open that door to that feeling comfortable, confident, and believe in the brand, the rest comes very easily.  

How to stay consistent all year long.

What you are doing today will be what you will do in June. Your business might look different, but this will be the same. Our business is like a snowball. If you start rolling with this stuff, your business will begin to grow. If you start doing this now and be consistent, your business will look different in June. The methods will be the same, be consistent!

No matter what, be consistent with these methods. No matter what:

  • Post something every day.
  • Post to your stories.
  • Be consistent.

My business grew the most and the biggest when I had that daily checklist that I wouldn’t waiver from. On that list was posting once a day. Those are the things that get seen. That list that you just made, put it on repeat and let it evolve each month. Keep putting that out there. 

Recruiting without recruiting:

  • Convert your list into a social media post.
  • Nowhere in there is it needed to ask to join your team.
  • Show the things that you love about this business. Show them visually.
  • If you love the pillars of Zyia, that can easily be converted by sharing a quote. 
  • If you wrote down that you can work from anywhere, show a picture of your feet at the softball park. That’s giving that message very strongly without taking anything from them. 

Give them entertaining things to look at and learn from whatever it is. Keep that in mind when you are converting your list into a social media post.   

If you are a new Rep today, your success will depend on:

  • How you set your business up today.
  • What habits you set up.
  • Taking time out for training calls.  

Even if you are the only one on your team and think you have never recruited, guess what? You have. You have recruited yourself.  

  • Use those same questions, fears, and roadblocks you had when you decided to join this business.
  • You recruited yourself, use that to begin recruiting others.  

If you are new to this company, you need to know that you are on a team. You are part of a community, the Zyia family, and we are building this brand together, regardless of whose team you are on. Everyone is building this brand together.  

You can be a top recruiter in this company. 

  • Blast through those roadblocks.  
  • Figure out what’s holding you back.
  • Be okay with the no.
  • Put consistency into your daily plan.

This will make you unstoppable.