With Sam Higginson and Quinn Edwards:

Sam Higginson:
The data I recommend looking at for your team organization when running a downline report:

  • Monthly party count
  • Monthly volume
  • Calculate your party efficiency rating

How to export a Downline Report:

  1. I recommend running a report for the last six months.
  2. Once the report populates, in the top right corner, click on the paper with an X to export it into an excel spreadsheet.

Find your total party count:

  1. On your spreadsheet, scroll over to the right to find the column “prty cnt “this is your party count.
  2. Click and highlight that column. This is the sum of parties hosted within your organization.

How does your organization perform with parties?

Finding your party efficiency rating:

  1. Look at each month’s total team group volume. (Excluding months like September with enrollment incentives that affect your monthly volume.)
  2. Take your team’s monthly group volume and divide it by the same month’s total parties to find your party efficiency rating.

Calculate your own personal party efficiency rating to see how you are doing as an individual.

Take time and play around in your back office with your reports. You can find what I like to call the Striking Distance Report, which tells you where your team members stand.

Why the Striking Distance Report is important:

This report tells you who on your team is closest to reaching that next rank.

  • Reach out to this person.
  • Make sure that they have a plan.
  • Let them know you’re there to support their success.

Finding your Senior-Rep-Plus Ratio:

Take the number of your Senior Reps and above and divide it by the total number of level one Reps.

What does this data mean for you in running a healthy business?

  • For Directors and Executives, we like to see a 15%-18% Senior Rep plus ratio.
  • We want to see your organization’s party efficiency rating above 600.

Connect with your team about this data.  

  • If you are unsure how to run all these numbers, talk to your upline.
  • Connect with members of your team that might benefit from understanding this data.
    • Show them what their scoreboard looks like.
    • Show them how close they are to their next goal.  
    • Show them what they need to do to achieve that growth or next title.

Quinn Edwards:

From a young age, I was fascinated with technology, which lead me to Electrical engineering and Computer Science at Utah State University. During this time, I found a passion for using technology to solve business challenges. I met Sam in direct sales and fell in love with the business model and how quickly it can grow. After four years in direct sales, I decided to return to my roots and have a little more of a technology discipline. For ten years, I worked for a software solutions company. Every day I would analyze businesses and implemented technology that would help solve business challenges.  

Why Zyia is extraordinary in comparison to other direct sales companies:
With other companies, it’s more about the comp plan and less about the products. The products are usually just okay. It always goes back to enrollment and business opportunity. When people stop seeing the fruits from the business opportunity, they stop buying the product, and the company starts in a downward trajectory. What I love about Zyia is that I can see the data, and the focus on finding customers, hosting a party, and then inviting them to become Reps. The foundation is in customers.

We are fortunate to have new products launched weekly. With other companies, you might have two new product launches a year. That shows that they are driven from the business side. The difference that you will see with Zyia is that they have regular launches and are pushing that customer culture with excellent products that are pennies on the dollar compared to what you might go out and buy on the market. With Zyia, they are brand-lead instead of comp plan-lead, which is amazing!

My job is to analyze the data and provide the data needed to run your businesses. I analyze the data when it comes to the load on the system. 
Our goal is to creat an intuitive website, where you don’t need to have an FAQ to run your business.

Our Plan for the Future:

Plan vs. preparation – I heard a marine speak one time on a plan vs. preparation. He said, “Guess what? You jump out of a helicopter, and the plan goes out the window. That’s why you have to be prepared.”

Our plan has changed a dozen times, but we’re prepared. We have 20-30 individuals on our team to help optimize our system and upgrade components to make it super-fast. We are migrating our system away from the current vendor to have more control and make changes quicker. We are also in the process of moving away from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services. This way, the issues that Rackspace (and smaller server farms) has can be avoided.

The next 30 days:

Fingers crossed that we may see big changes by next week. With the maintenance we have scheduled, we may have full control of the software by next week. 

  • First on our list is the functionality where Reps can move orders between parties without contacting customer support.
  • Our number one priority is the system’s stability and not doing anything fast or risky. To ensure this, we will always take the extra step even if it takes longer.

The next 60-90 days:

  1. Getting on to Amazon Web Services
  2. We haven’t really announced this, but we are also working on an all-new front-end shopping experience. It may be released early next year.

We want to make your shopping experience a fast and seamless experience, whether you are there to shop for a few minutes or an hour.

There is a difference between a product selling out and your order sitting for 45 minutes only to find it didn’t go through. That’s not a seamless experience. We are working to change this and improve the experience for our mobile shoppers as well.

Our goal is to:

  • Make the front end a fast experience.
  • Make it intuitive.

Our technical problems have come from the fast growth of this company. These are good problems to have. When culture leads—even though we have challenges on the technology side—culture prevails.  

Twelve-Month Goal:

  • I want to see more personalization on the website, for example, “Hey, I noticed that you have all these bomber bras, but you haven’t bought this one that is back in stock. Would you like to buy it?” 
  • I want Zyia Active to be the absolute pinnacle for technology in the direct sales space.

Sam Higginson:

As leaders in our organizations, we should be running downline reports monthly. As leaders, we should be looking over that party count number and understanding it. Set goals to raise your percentages each month.  

Are we holding true to the party efficiency rating?  
If we are not, we need to be:

  • Testing our onboarding.
  • Making changes to get more out of our parties.
  • Looking at how many title advancements we have each month inside our teams.

We listen to our Reps out in the field. Your concerns and desires are heard. Our promotional ideas have come from our Reps.

Quinn is looking at how this data gets to you and the home office. I am personally working with Quinn to ensure we have a dashboard of success and a health check of your business.

What are those numbers that you should be looking at?
How can you set realistic goals to achieve those new goals of:

  • Party counts
  • Party efficiency ratings
  • Title advancements within the team organization
  • Senior Rep plus ratios

We need to be following and paying attention to this data every single month.

We can take that data of Executives and above and find the areas that they win in. These are the areas where they set new goals every single month and achieve those goals. As they accomplish these goals, the business continues to grow and have success.

We are continually looking for that unique piece of data that we can share with you and can help continue to help your businesses to grow.


Exciting changes for the future.
-We are upgrading to a more dynamic way to shop by search, where you can shop by multiple sizes and colors.  
-The current app is being analyzed to make it a better shopping experience.

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