With Sam Higginson and Jami James:

Jami James has been with Zyia Active for almost two years and is part of the fastest growing team in Zyia.  Jami lives in Waverly, Iowa. She is married with three kids and works full-time as a real-estate agent and designer.

Jami says:
Onboarding, duplication, staying connected, mindset, and a whole lot of hard work are the most important things to focus on to be successful.

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is getting your Reps off to a quick start. It is really important as a new rep to jump right in. When enrolling a new rep:

  • Launch them as soon as possible.
  • In 24-48 hours, get on a Zoom call to get them started.  
  • Talk about their vision and their why, and have them set goals.
  • Most importantly, show them how to set up their shopping link for their launch party.

When I sign up a new rep, I do the launch party for them. While I am doing it, all I want the new rep to focus on is booking out their whole calendar with parties. The foundation of this business is the parties. They will learn how to do a launch party by watching me do their launch party. Keeping it really simple for the new rep is the key.

Why should you offer a launch party to your discount reps?

A discount Rep is one who signs up to get the discount, but not run it as a business. Remember that this doesn’t mean that they are closed off to the opportunity. Offering a launch party is when they can see how easy and fun it is to do a party and make the money back on their kit. Two of my now-Directors on my team were discount reps.  Regardless of whether a new rep is starting with Zyia as a business or just a discount rep, beginning with a launch party is important.

I personally have enrolled 30 or 31 reps, and nearly half have made it to director status.

91% of Reps in Zyia have purchased a product before buying a kit. They become customers before reps. Parties are important, even if they are only purchasing the product at first.

-Sam Higginson

Don’t reinvent the wheel; look to your leaders and their success, and duplicate the process.

Our team focuses on four things.
Doing the do:

  1. Reaching out
  2. Parties
  3. Follow-ups
  4. Recruiting 

Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! 

Stay consistent and teach it to your team! Do the do. Duplication breeds success.

When should you reach out?

Reach out to those that might be interested every morning. If you get them to commit to a party, let them know about the rep opportunity right away. Let them know that this could be their opportunity to get the host rewards and commissions. Then after the party, offer the credits toward their starter kit.

Stay connected with your team.  

“Show up” for your team. When they need you, show up. If they have a party, show up. Have a group chat or stay connected through text or phone with your level ones. They need this support right away.

New rep goals are essential. Ensure that you are staying connected to make sure that you are going over their goals and reaching their goals.

Your Mindset:

Keep the right kind of mindset and clear expectations. Fundamentally this business is simple. Emotionally it can be challenging and draining. You will get hundreds of no’s. It’s about getting through those no’s to get to your yes’s. There are so many ups and downs. You may have a day where you kill it and book tons of parties, and other days you will be ghosted and ignored. The key is to be consistent. Keep “Doing the do.” No matter how hard it is, it will eventually go back up. Be consistent!

It doesn’t get any more comfortable hearing those no’s. It’s a simple process, but not easy. Life gets in the way. Recognize that life brings challenges. Always know your vision and your why.

-Sam Higginson

This business is for everyone. Anyone can do it if they have the desire. The forever friendships you make, helping others succeed, and seeing their success as we all rise together, is more fulfilling than I ever imagined.  

Relationships are the cornerstone of the business.


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