With Sam Higginson and Jill MacLaren:

Zyia is breaking records again! But what about you?  

Where are you at today? Have you made the decision yet  to be a participant in all that’s happening right now? Have you fully stepped in and allowed yourself to say, “Why not me?”

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

Robert Shuler

We reviewed 25 case studies and found the following truths:
  • When the total “team parties hosted” number is on the rise, so are your other KPI’s. When total team parties are on the rise, everything in your business rises with it.
  • Senior Rep+ ratio: Take the total number of Level Ones that you have on your team and divide it by the total number you helped achieve Senior Rep status or above. Watch this ratio over time to check for signs you need to adjust your onboarding process.

Jill MacLaren:
Collingwood, Ontario.  
Joined in December of 2019
Married with three kids.

When building an international business:

  • Understand and research your market.
  • Recognize where your Reps are from and where they personally are coming from. If you are in Canada and you have a new Rep join in Florida:
    • Research their location, weather, who they are as a person, and what their customers might look like.

What are common mistakes when building an international market :

Know your market when it comes to costs:

  • Prices will look different.
  • Shipping costs and lead times are different.

Comparing the brand to other brands:

  • Don’t compare; prices and quality will be different. Stay away from comparisons.
  • Focus on building your brand through relationships and excellent customer service.
    • Give your customers an unforgettable customer service experience. This is your job, not the home office.
    • Follow up with your customers. Texting or calling to see how the item fits or how they like it, will give you an opportunity to learn more about them. For example, if you follow up with them and you learn that they liked about a particular product, you will now have a reason to reach back out in the future when another color of that product launches. Call them and say, “Hey, I remember that you like this product. We just launched this in another color, and I thought about you.”

Misconceptions of building a business in Canada:

  • You can cross the border and start collecting Reps. 
    No, you can’t just go to another country and build it out of nowhere. You extend your network through parties and other team members introducing you to individuals in other countries. Work on your network and your relationships.
  • Canada is as big a market as the US.
    Canada covers more area than the United States, but it’s population is about as big as the state of California. There are only about two million more residents than California.

Sam Higginson: Have the courage to ask friends and relatives in other states and countries. I met a gentleman in Florida who invited four people to a party. At the party, one of the four thought, “Hey, I think this would be great for my Cousin in Houston.” They called his cousin in Houston and told him about it, and he decided to join and become partners. His cousin in Houston knew someone in Louisiana who decided to join, who knew someone in Dallas, who knew someone in Kansas City, who then had a friend in Russia. That organization in Russia became the largest organization in that business across 60 countries. By the way, all four of those individuals that he first invited over said, “No, not for me.” And now they regret not joining.

Three things to do when you have a new Rep sign up:

Get them started right away. I’m talking about 5 minutes to an hour.

Within 24 hours:

  • Set them up with their website.
  • Set them up on social media.
  • Share with family and friends online and in person.
  • Tell them that you want to help them right away, to earn the money they spent on the kit by getting 1,000 PV. Make it as easy as it sounds. “No big deal, let’s get you to 1,000 PV.” That’s what everybody on my team does.
  • Help them make sales before their kit arrives. Don’t leave them waiting when they can get started right away. They will get excited if they get a sale before the kit arrives. Help create that excitement.

Watch the complete video below.