“Ever since I can remember my dad instilled in me a life of being active and being healthy.” 

Even today, many of my most cherished childhood memories are of the two of us doing something active together.  He pushed me from a very young age to always give it my best and to never, ever give up.  When I immigrated to the USA it was very difficult for me to adapt to a new culture.  I was very depressed but I knew I could not give up.  Exercise was what helped more than anything to get through the most difficult and depressing times as I began to feel better about myself. It motivated me to be better, not only in being fit, but in many other aspects of my life.  From that time on I have had a passion not only for being active and being healthy, but I have also become passionate about looking good while doing it. 

I also realized that too often the best looking and best quality athletic apparel was very expensive and not everybody could afford it.  With Zyia Active I loved the idea from the very beginning, because not only could you feel good and look good while living an active lifestyle, but it also gave everybody an opportunity to have the best quality apparel at a price that anybody could afford.


Brenda Bradley
Co-Founder/Designer Zyia Active