With Lynnzie Lindstrom  and Sam Higginson

Lynnzie relies heavily on excellent customer service and always following up. She believes the key for her is to provide a fantastic customer experience from start to finish, and she always keeps the goal of turning them into teammates in mind. 

What makes you stand apart? Are you providing the kind of customer service that will have people going out of their way to buy from you? By having genuine conversations with people and finding out their needs and likes, you can build a relationship and deliver personalized service. You are the X factor that takes the business to the next level. Zyia products are great, but there are so many simple acts and gestures you can do to create loyalty. 

“The more you treat them like royalty, the more they’ll stick with you in loyalty. “

Always follow up with a thank you, but don’t stop there.  

The follow-up is huge! When you commit to a solid follow-up, you’ll realize consistent growth. Pick the same day each week to check-in with customers and follow up. You want to ensure they’re happy with their purchases and fit and check to see if they need other products. You can even streamline returns to make the process easier for you and the customer so that they can get the correct size without any hassle. The goal is to get them a product they’ll love and wear over and over, so embrace returns as a method for cultivating trust. 

Customer Service Can Take You There

When you get to know your customers, you’ll learn what they like and tailor your suggestions. When suggesting a product, don’t just send a link. Offer to help them place the order. Your customers are busy and will appreciate it when you make the experience simpler and more enjoyable. 

They Love It! Now What? 

When your customers are thrilled with their purchases, that’s a fabulous opportunity to show them how to build their collection by hosting a party. You can also offer to explain the Rep opportunity to them. Everyone loves earning a deep discount or free products, and you have the tools to help them succeed.  

Find ways to show your customers your appreciation even when they’re not making purchases. You could send a personal note for their birthday, a holiday, or when they’ve accomplished something extraordinary. You’re letting them know that you value them as so much more than customers, and they’ll be more likely to respond.  

Make the time for the follow-up. It will pay off. 

You might worry that following up will take a lot of time, but the truth is you can do it. Try time blocking and commit to your business with a schedule. Be intentional with your time and leave no stone unturned. Every customer deserves a follow-up. If your numbers aren’t as high as you’d like, look back at your recent activity, and chances are you missed a follow-up opportunity.