With Mallory Munden and Sam Higginson

Do you want to create your success or watch others have their success? 

We spoke with Mallory Munden, a rep from Iowa. She’s a wife, mom of two, and working full-time as a preschool teacher and is still seeing fabulous success building her Zyia business.  

What does follow-up or fold-up mean? 

Your business grows when you effectively apply follow-up techniques. Not following up with people who purchase is a missed opportunity to introduce fresh products or hosting benefits. Waiting too long to get back to people allows them to become too far removed from the initial purchase. Every customer deserves a follow-up. As a rep, evaluate the purchase to ensure they’re happy. Always thank them for listening, even if they didn’t purchase—a genuine thank you is a simple and effective way to begin to form bonds of trust. 

Why is following up so hard? 

Often we decide the outcome ahead of time. We talk ourselves out of following up or believe it will be uncomfortable. According to Mallory, reframing and understanding our brain’s aversion to discomfort is crucial. Go in with a positive plan that anticipates the next step.’  

“You can look at follow-up according to what you will get, or you can approach it according to what you will give.” 

How do you follow up? 

  • Use social media tools to acknowledge and notice new party members.  
  • Reach out, thank, and be available for questions. 
  • Allow breathing space, but check in to ask if they need help or noticed something great. 
  • After a purchase, let customers know you’ll follow up once more later after delivery. 
  • If now isn’t good, still thank them! Offer a VIP link so they can return to Zyia when the timing is better. 

You are not nagging when you’re helping customers get what they need—you’re building trust. In sales, 95% of buyers base decisions on emotion. Following up while they’re satisfied and happy is more likely to generate a yes.  

What about when they say no? 

It’s not easy to hear no, but don’t take it personally—remember no means ‘not yet.’ You can still follow up anytime there’s a product change or a new hostess reward. 60% of customers say no four times before they say yes. 

The Takeaway: 

It can take up to 12 contacts before someone is ready. Finding ways to reach out and follow up gets you closer to readiness. Success and follow-up isn’t just about the final sale. Have a serving mindset and make it personal. Anticipate ‘no’ and have a ready response. Make the follow-up natural by making customers feel appreciated, seen, and respected. 

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